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Gibson ES-347
This baby is a real beauty. A rare 1980 Gibson ES-347. The 347s were only in production for a few years and were designed to be a sort of top-of-the-line 335. This one is maple so she's quite heavy but has the most beautiful tone. The action is nice and low with no fret buzz at all and the two humbucking pickups are fantastic. One of the really nice extensions to a 335 that they put on this was a switch that can change the pickups from humbucking to single coil. I play mainly jazz on it with Thomastik-Infield Flatwound 13s. Aswell as being exceptional for jazz, this guitar is so versatile that i can play anything from metal to even classical on it. I will never sell this guitar! she's the love of my life!


Epiphone Les Paul Zakk Wylde Custom
I bought this new from Rockshop on the North Shore, Auckland. I have replaced the standard passive EMG-HZ pickups with their active counterparts the EMG ZW set, the ones Zakk Wylde uses on his Gibson. This guitar sounds amazing, looks amazing, and I love to play it :)

Sean C

5 string SSD NS-95
Here's my 5 string SSD NS-95 one piece bass guitar that I absolutely love to play. Not the most expensive on the rack but comparable qaulty to play and up there with the best. Great tone through its active electronics. Wicked for playing nasty bass chords and slapping. I use a high C string simply because it's more in keeping with my style. Want to try it with a set of flat wound strings. I have owned this bass for about a year and is yet another trademe bargain that needed little work to bring to life. Not ever going to sell it. This gat gives me that little happy feeling inside :)


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