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Fender Jaguar and Fender Stratocaster

Heres a picture of my E6 reissue Fender Jaguar in three tone sunburst and my E4 reissue Fender Stratocaster in two tone sunburst. The Jaguar is a 2004 and the Strat is a 2005, both are Japanese Fenders, as I like many believe the standard of craftsmanship of Fender Japan these days is vastly superior to that of the American made Fenders. The Strat features Dimarzio DCS-1 Vintage Collection pickups that came stock with the guitar, giving the guitar a beautiful warm tone, great for Hendrix type chordal work, eg. Bold As LoveE The Jag I use mostly for clean arpeggio type work, as the super hot pickups cut through really nicely for that Johnny Marr-esque chime.


Epiphone Masterbilt Acoustic Guitar

This is my Epiphone Masterbilt OM size acoustic guitar. It is a premium grade vintage styled instrument using all solid woods (spruce and mahogany) and is extremely well made in China. Fantastic tone and projection and the straightest neck you will ever see. Slightly wider neck at the bridge end, great fingerstyle instrument.


Home Made Les Paul Type Electric Guitar

Hey there, I have made a few guitars myself, and here is my most impressive one. Not my favorite' one, cos I can't single one out (the others get jealous). This is my Les Paul copy, made of tasmanian oak, with jarrah top and mahogany set neck. All the hardware is from Stewmac, the pickups are the hot golden age ones. She sounds real mean, and has a lovely velvety dark tone. I purposely made it quite slim with a rounded top, bound edges. The bigsby style vibrato just tops it off. all that glare from the chrome!! I wanted to put a firebird pickup on the bridge like Neil Young but couldn't find one, but I am happy anyway. I have to keep an eye on it, as my brother loves to play it also. If it goes missing I know where to go... I finished it with penetrol wood oil because I love the feeling of wood on my hands rather than lacquer. Penetrol is really easy to work with and it hardens as it dries, can be applied again and again. I have tried lots of different oils, etc and this one has the best finish, and gives the most protection against scratches and knocks. Why cover up all the nice wood grain with paint when you can accentuate it?


Customised Gibson SG Electric Guitar

Hi, this guitar was as cheap as the chopsticks it was made out of. I added the white pickguard, replaced the tuners and fitted it with Stu Mac Golden Age pickups and now I spend more time on this than my les paul. It is so silky and slinky to play and has a great compressed , fat vintage tone and all up cost less than $500.00. Its looks pretty far out too.


Bass Guitars Warwick Ibanez Boss MXR

Well here's my gear! My main basses and gear: 99' Warwick Thumb 4 BO with Ovankol neck/body, Wenge fretbord and Aguilar OBP-3 preamp (sexy tone). Second is an Ibanez SR1305 95' Custom Made. It has a Padauk/Mahogany/Padauk body, Bubinga and Wenge neck with standard Ibanez electronics. My amp: Trace Elliot RAH600SMX powering a Mesa Boogie 4x10 RoadReady and a Warwick 411Pro. Effects: Boss BF-3, Boss DD-6, MXR M-80 DI and a heavily modded Boss ODB-3 (not in the pic) normally I have my boss effects hooked up to my home made true bypass switcher. My other non road gear is: LTD F-254, Mirage acoustic and Jim Deacon electric guitar. Band page:


Vantage Avenger Bass Guitar

Hi, here's a pic of my great Vantage Avenger Bass Guitar. Japanese made, I think, in lovely 80s style... The thing is though, I had bought it in the mid 80s and sort of forgot about it, which means that it is still in as new condition with the original strings on it. Imagine, these strings are 25 years old, well, now I bought a new set with you guys.

Cheers Dan

Yamaha FG-180 Acoustic Guitar Red Label Nippon Gaki

A picture of the other lady in my life, my FG180 Yamaha. She was born in Japan 40 years ago and at the same time I was being born here in NewZealand half a world away! both young and new in life, without any marks or sufferings, forty years later we both show the many scars of life, some good some bad. I remember Paul Potts (the Oprah Singer) who sang in American idol, as he stood there everyone looked at him as a joke & then he opened up his voice and he moved people in a very mind blowing emotional way! (brought a tear to my eye), this is like my little Japanese lady, she looks a little weathered but she has the voice of an angel!!!! (Great sound) with D'addario EJ16s (from cheeseboy). If you ever get the chance to play or hear one of these it is well worth it, and should one come up for sale you would not regret it. Change the nut and bridge to bone with a wider spacing and you have a very nice guitar. Made in Japan before Yamaha moved production to Taiwan, (Nippon Gakki) red label. Not the original pickguard.

Cheers Doug :)

Dimebag Darrell Dean Washburn Electric Guitars Pantera

These are my 2 Dimebag Guitars, One is a Washburn 332 and the other is a Dean - Dean From Hell. Im a lucky 16yr old to have these, and they are strung with D'Addarios from Guitarstuff. The guitars are really fun to play on and are awesome because of their shape, playability and sound. I'm a Huge dimebag fan and wouldn't have it any other way. I'm lucky to have the Washburn as I haven't seen another in NZ yet :) and the Dean... Well.. Just look at it. It's pure awesomeness lol. Can't wait to need more strings so i can order them from you guys, and get them in crazy time :) Cheers for the great service and my strings will be coming from you guys for sure. Cheers,


Taylor 610 Acoustic Guitar

"Purchased new in 1991, this Taylor 610 looks good and plays well, having the typical Taylor action for folks with fat fingers. Curly maple back and sides are excellent for players who want to hear the sounds projected backwards and for vocalists who do not carry well with a softer voice. Over the years the tones has become warmer, and yet it still maintains a deep bass, though doesnt project forwards like dreadnaughts made of rosewood. Many songs have been written on this guitar and it continues to be an old friend."


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