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The black Lonestar Stratocopy is a guitar that I had a Luther make up for my to capture the SRV strat tone that only the tex mex pickups can deliver. The whammy setup is the American standard strat design rocking on 2 pedestals.Great for chord shimmering when playin" songs like "Lenny" & Rivier Paradise.


schecter c-1 hellraiser guitar new zealand

This is my stunning Schecter C-1 Hellraiser which I bought during my stay in Hawaii around July 2006. I am totally in love with this axe! For starters, it's a thing of beauty to behold with its gorgeous black cherry quilted maple finish, paua gothic cross inlays and binding around the body and headstock. The neck is a dream to play, with perfect action, string spacing and 'ultra access' neck. Thru-body stringing keeps it looking nice and tidy and provides killer sustain, especially with the Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkies (.011 - .054) I recently put on. The pickups are active EMGs (81/85) which can deal out a sweet, crisp and crunchy hi-gain distortion, but also have a smooth bluesy sound for your clean tones. With the Jazz III picks that I got from you guys, I've got it sounding better than ever. Thanks a bunch!



This is a guitar molded to aid in complete visual satisfaction. The eyes wont stall in boredom, for there is always new things to be discovered. I love to play this guitar. It is almost like my best friend. I write all of my material on this guitar, because it is souly the biggest part of the song writing process. Dub up, spark up, PLAY LOUD. It isn't fancy, it doesn't have specialties, upgrades or even a top notch outstanding sound, it just has the most character a guitar could ever have. Its sound is unique and triumphal, it is well worn and has fought through tremendous wars. It knows how to party just as hard as me. Most of my soul has poured into this guitar. It represents everything. But one thing it will forever stand for and be loved for is, THE MUSIC. Keep good music alive. Free strings sound almost god sent. It would be a gift for sure.

Shortie G

Christian Druery guitar kauri paua abalone ancient acoustic new zealand

This is my favourite guitar to date, features Kauri braceless top, Ancient Kauri back and sides, Paua Koru inlayed Ebony fretboard, Ebony Bridge with paua pins, paua Kowhaiwhai rosette, Kauri bolt on neck. I won't ever sell this guitar, it is truly a work of art, and by far the best guitar Iv'e ever played. It sustains like you couldn't imagine. The more I play it the better it gets.


To see more of Christian Druery's work visit him online:

epiphone broadway archtop jazz guitar new zealand nz

Hi This is my Epiphone Broadway, that I have had for about 7 months. I enjoy playing jazz and this guitar is great for that. I have been playing for 6 years and I cannot keep my hands off my guitar. Try to practice every day. I have owned 4 guitars in the past I still have three, but I usually only play my Epiphone. Regards.


taylor acoustic new zealand 310CE

Here's my Taylor 310CE which I had signed by Diesel and Ian Moss when they played together recently in Wellington... Cheers,


realtone strat new zealand

These are my 3 guitars. The beautiful white Realtone Classic Strat has such a nice tone, it sounds the same as alot of Pink Floyd songs! I would absoluty recommend a realtone to anyone looking for a new guitar and is considering buying a standard Mexican Stratocaster (Realtone guitars can be found by going to and click on the zillion auction link on the left of the page.) My black strat copy is a J&D brothers guitar. This was my first electric, and has a excellent tone considering i only payed $269 for it. And last for the time being is my Carlos acoutisc, it has just been re-strung and sounds fantasic too. My amp is a Marshall 15W MG15-CDR and the Wah-wah pedal is a Daphon, the wah-wah doesn't sound that great.

Kieran P

esp ESP LTD EX-351

This is a photo of my baby ĀEan ESP LTD EX-351. Itís actually more of a rare model nowadays as they donít make this particular model anymore! Iíve had it for about 3 and a half years and play it all the time. This guitar is the total metal beast and I get some really grunty metal tones out of it with my Peavey Bandit 80 watt amp and Zoom 606 FX pedal. Itís mainly standard besides a few little alterations and a few knocks and scratches here and there which add character! Iíve just bought some Ernie Ball Super Slinky .008ís from guitarstuff which Iím going to install instead of the .009ís itís running at the moment, as I prefer the thinner strings as itís easier to shred which Iím just learning about and more suitable for my playing style. Also at the top of the neck are two Dunlop Jazz III picks that I also bought from guitarstuff. Those are my favourite picks and from the first note I played with one I knew they were the right picks for me! Thanks for the strings and picks!


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