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MS2000 Deluxe

This is my newly acquired MS2000 Deluxe model. Looks very nice and plays like a dream. Both the tone controls are coil tapped which give it heaps of tonal options. Great for turning those humbuckers into more strat-like sounds.


I just finished making this aluminium hollwbody bass, the "Bull Goose". My mate Glen suggested it was 'gonna feedback so bad I'd have to stuff a wombat down the f holes to tame it. Much to my surprise & delight it doesn't howl at all. It's rich, full & sustains all day. The guitarist in our band is worried that it will steal away all his stage attention.


Hi, I'm Dhanesh from Wellington! and these are my Jazz/Metal beasts. Guitar on the left is an Ibanez Apex-2, 2008 model (7 string). Mahongany body, rosewood fingerboard, Tone Pros 7 bridge. This is the Korn guitarist's signature, but fortunately it doesn't have his signature anywhere on it :D Comes stock with Dimarzio PAF 7s, but I replaced the bridge with a Seymour Duncan Invader 7. also installed a tone knob, parallel switches for each pickup and a master coil tap switch.

Guitar on the right is an Ibanez RG1570 Prestige, 2004~05 model (discontinued colour). Basswood body, rosewood fingerboard, ibanez edge pro trem, wizard neck FLAT AS! I've replaced the pickups with a set of Seymour Duncan JB's (SH-4 JB Model bridge and SH-2n Jazz Model neck) and the middle single is a Vintage Staggered SSL-1. and 3 custom switches that I won't get into. this guitar has up to 15 different pickup configurations.

Both these guitars are phenominal and I HIGHLY recommend either for both metal and jazz... probably not blues :P

The black Takamine GX200 is my main axe, which is funny I guess because they are not made anymore. But it has been around the world, stolen twice, been in two car accidents and still comes back to me. Yup that ESP is a Lynch model, blimmin' heavy too!


My Musicman Stingray Mk1, circa 1973. I bought it in 1994 when I was looking for a new sound. Its very heavy and has active pickups that sound HUGE. I put 56-13 strings on it to create the ultimate tone machine for hard-out, overdriven power rock. In those days I played through a Marshall 100w head and quadbox. Aaaahhhh, they were the days! Now I still have a Marshall - a 50w valve combo. Although I have eight guitars in total including Strat, Tele, EVH, Gibson, Ibanez, this is my most cherished (if not most played) guitar.

My pedal board includes TS9 with 808 mod, MT2 with mod to make it more organic, Big Muff, DD3, Morely Bad Horsie 2 Wah (Anniversary Ed. In white), and a truly vintage Ibanez Phaser that has the loveliest sound (think Lightning Crashes).

At the moment I have 10s on the Musicman and have removed the battery, so the pickups are passive. This completely changes the sound of the guitar, and it becomes Eperhaps Emore like what dear oleELeo intended: a kind of old-skool super-fat Strat. I love it!


1964 Epiphone Riviera

This is my 1964 Epiphone Riviera original. Well it's actually my 3 year old son's given to him by his grandfather Dilworth Karaka from the kiwi reggae band herbs. My son wont need it for a few years so I get the pleasure of gigging this beautiful guitar.


Vox Hollowbody

Basically I fell in love with Vox guitars and decided that I had to get one. All original except the wah thing, and the strap holders.... Built in effects; dirty vintage fuzz, percussion repeater (think Spacemen 3...) Treble/Bass Booster and Wah. The only problem with it is that the wah is a bit scratchy, but thats quite common amongst the Vox. The pickups are pretty microphonic, which I love as you can get some sweet sound with feedback and the effects. In the background is my Holden amp and cab, which should be nominated for New Zealander of the year. Not in the picture is my Guitarworks Phantom, another nice guitar, but I personally prefer hollowbodies so it doesn't get as much usage as it should.

John Harris

Gibson ES-135

Here is a photo of my Gibson ES 135. I'm lucky to still have it, I came home to find a burglar in my house and he had it stashed by the door ready to take. It's probably one of the nicer sounding guitars I have ever played.


Highway One Stratocaster

It's a 2006 model Highway One Stratocaster that I bought from Music Planet in Orewa. It doesn't sound much like an original stratocaster, but I don't care! It features a flat black body and maple neck, mexican pickups, 70's headstock etc. I got it in February '09, but have already had it set up with D'Addario 10-46 nickel strings. I don't plan on changing it much since I am a beginner, however I wouldn't mind a Fender '65 twin reverb amplifier to go with it...:)


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