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These are 2 of my beasts I have modded and am digging hardout. Both personally customized Ibanez guitars, one Fluro Pink "Pink" and the other Glamour Red (aka The Ninja). Both guitars trem cavities have been blocked with wood and replaced with hardtail bridges for a mean powerful tone. Pink has white Dimarzio PAF Pro's and a jem single and reverse headstock because its cool and fluro pink 80's hard. "The Ninja" has a RG470 Body (jap square heel) (apart from filling the trem cavity the pickup cavities have been filled and re routed to the shape of Dimarzio pickups looks better then pickup rings) and a RG550 maple neck replaced with red dot inlays, it has Dimarzio Tonezone in the bridge jem single and PAF Pro in the neck. You can check "Pink" out before its final make over on youtube just search my name, mean.


Fender Precision Bass

Here's a couple for your gallery, my 1978 Precision...

Fender Precision Bass

... and a Burns Bison I recently bought.


Pedal Board

My Epiphone Les Paul Studio, with Ernie Ball strings from Mostly factory standard except for humbucker covers and straplocks.


Martin D-35

Here are two of my girls: A Martin D-35 (2000) I got for a song on TradeMe. Pete at Pete’s Acoustics chucked in a sweet Fishman Matrix Infinity. Love the tone on this thingE

Fender Stratocaster 1964 Closet Classic

End my 1964 Fender Stratocaster (Closet Classic LTD). Masterbuilt by Yuriy Shishkov, not master played by me. I play this through a Vox AC30, a match made in heaven.


This is my samick stratocaster remake. I got it 4 years ago, it has served me extremely well! In the corner you can see one of the many guitar picks I have purchased from GUITARSTUFF!

It's an awesome pick by the way. I highly recommend this guitar to anyone from beginners to professionals. It's been run over by a motorbike (not this exact one, a different one but the same type) and it still worked! very tough. It's been designed left handed, because I am a left handed player. It's great, because no one wants to steal it!



Here's my beast of an ESP LTD AX-400, best purchase ever.


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