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Hi my name is Charlie and I have been playing electric guitar for just over 3 years now. These are my two favourite guitars the SG and Dean ML. I have had the Epiphone SG G-400 for about 2 years and I got the Dean Dime-o-flame a few months ago. Both are equiped with D'Addario strings from Guitarstuff Limited. Best deals, quick, friendly and reliable:-) Both are amazing guitars and I wouldn't trade anything for them.

Here's a pic of my G&L S500 Tribute, She's a doozy, with a great Strat sound plus. As well as the normal 5 position strat type p-up switch it has a mini toggle that allows selection of all 3 p-ups, or both neck and bridge. This guitar is really beautiful !!!! and we love her!!!


This is my California Series Sonoran SCE Custom in Apple Candy Red. It is acoustic classic that sounds awesome. The moment that I pick it up I had to have it. The D'Addario’s (.011 to .052) give a great sound. The Dreadnought Style is different and easy to adjust the strings on tuning. The Fender FTE-3 Active On-Board Preamp can give it a great sound in any amp.

My homage to the great man - Hank B Marvin.

To the left is a Burns Marvin Signature - a reissue of Hank's 1964 instrument. To the right is an American Vintage Reissue 57 Strat - in Fiesta Red of course. (actually, Hank's first Strat was a 59 model and he plays Custom Shop models these days, but who's quibbling!) Sandwiched in the middle is a Vox AC30TB, on top of which, sits a Roland RE301 Space Echo (Yes, Hank actually has used them) and various Shadows recordings. A true fan you might say.


Here's my 1987 Schecter I brought new in Sydney. It has a fantastic neck that kind of feels like a really excellent Gibson Les Paul. Jumbo frets. Reflex Red Dot active pickups which have great tone and are very even. Rear pickup is tapped for double coil but the single is so good I rarely use it. Machine heads lock in the most simplest way with a screw comming up through the middle. The bridge swivels on a blade and doesn't go out of tune even if you give it heaps plus it has fine tuning. It used to be a really nice red that you could see the wood grain thru but with 20 odd years of gigging it was pretty knocked about so I recently had it painted white as my brother inlaw painted it for free,Yay. I play it through a Fender Deville Hot Rod with twin Green Back 30 watt marshal speakers. Also two large tubes are 30 year old RCA. Has a lovely fat tone.For effects I have a Boss ME 50 and a Roland GT100 that I use for crunch.


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