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1990 American Standard Jazz Bass,
1973 Rickenbacker 360/V12,
1986 American Standard Stratocaster,
1995 American Standard Telecaster,
Early 90's Copycaster (Squire body and neck, Fender parts, pickups and decal),
Early 2000's 72 Telecaster Custom,
2001 Maton Acoustic,
2007 Maton Acoustic,
1970's Earthwood Acoustic,
1970's Marinucci

I thought I'd take up your offer and send in a photo of my guitars, so here goes... From left to right-

1990 American Standard Jazz Bass
1973 Rickenbacker 360/V12
1986 American Standard Stratocaster
1995 American Standard Telecaster
Early 90's Copycaster (Squire body and neck, Fender parts, pickups and decal)
Early 2000's 72 Telecaster Custom
2001 Maton Acoustic
2007 Maton Acoustic
1970's Earthwood Acoustic I am currently restoring
1970's Marinucci (An absolute heap of crap- just there for the completist in me!)

Obviously I'm a huge Telecaster freak, so next on my list is an Esquire!


Fender American Vintage Hot Rod '57 Stratocaster and friends

My name is Olly. I'm 15 and have had the unbeatable addiction to guitar for almost five years now. I recently bought my dream guitar from America, a Fender American Vintage Hot Rod '57 Stratocaster in Two-Tone Sunburst. Named Cassie after Eva Cassidy, she is my dream machine. Photos really don't do her justice. Played through a Fender Blues Junior and a few pedals, she does everything i could ever want. I use Dean Markley Blue Steel strings and Fender 0.73mm picks bought from My main guitar heroes are John Frusciante, Jimi Hendrix (just like everyone else), Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, and Jeff Buckley.

My first guitar (age 7) at the bottom, then from the left; my Dads acoustic, my friends Parker Fly Classic, MY BEAUTIFUL CASSIE, Dad's Ibanez Bass, My Squier Strat (my first electric), and my Peavey Predator International Series (fat strat copy). Hope you like!!!

Ashton Electric Acoustic and Epiphone Les Paul Special

Hi my name is Alex, I'm 15 and these are my guitars. My first guitar ever was the Ashton Electric/Acoustic. I got the Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 last year, the new cable I bought from GuitarStuff is awesome :) I'm currently saving up for a Schecter guitar.

Ibanez Exotic Wood, John Lennon signature Epiphone EJ-160E, Ibanez Montage MSC650VV and Schecter C-1 Classic

So this is my family made up of four guitars. The guitar nearest the aluminium cases is an Ibanez 12 string Exotic Wood series. It has the clearest sound I have heard from any 12 string, and that goes for the real expensive models from the likes of Gibson or Guild. The guitar beside my 12 string is my John Lennon signature Epiphone EJ-160E, it has awesome power in its voice and gives the real John Lennon feel to it.
The next guitar in line is the recent edition to the family, it is an Ibanez Montage MSC650VV. It was only made about three weeks ago (today being the 9th of the September and 2008) and I only got it today. It sounds fantasic. The great thing about this fantastic instrument is that it has many great features such as both a magnetic pickup and a bridge pickup. The guitar also has inbuilt tuner, dirty channel, reverb and chorus. It truly is amazing.
The final guitar in the line is my pride and joy, my Schecter C-1 Classic of the Diamond series. It has the brilliant tone of any Gibson, on account of it has the same electronics and hardware, but its just awesome. I have been playing for ten years and started with a guitar, I dont even know the brand, that my father found 20 years ago on an island. I now play these instruments through a Vox ToneLab Se, and Randall RG100SC stereo amp. I love these instruments, and I'm never going to get rid of them. Hope you enjoy the picture.

Cheers Joseph

Hi my name is Jeremy these are my guitars. My first one was the SX strat copy thing then I got a Dean V it's really good it has a original Floyd rose trem bridge and custom pickups. Its all mahogany and very light, sounds great in dropped tunings it kinda looks like a giant can opener but I like it and red one is my friend's who left it here so I put it in the photo.

Ventura acoustic, Guya Tone (1960's vintage), Samick electric acoustic artist edition, Ibanez with Seymour Duncan pickups, Aztec Bass & a Epiphone SG Gibson Special. My dad played in his band in the 60's with the Guya tone Guitar, then I learnt on it, and then my 8yr old son learnt on it. The Ibanez shreds! For a Samick the acoustic has a great feel and tone, stands up against most other quality brands live. The Ventura acoustic, has been a faithful hack for over 15yrs now, and still sounds beautiful. Bass is used purely for home recording, has a deep thump to it. The SG my 8yr old now uses daily with the Vox pathfinder. Thanks for looking


I'm 15 years old and have been playing for 2 years. These are my favorite guitars, Cort SFX5 and Epiphone Les Paul standard. I have a Vox AD50VT and some Boss pedals. My favorite guitarist by far is Slash.


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