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These are my two favourite guitars, the one on the left is an Ibanez 1998 RG470 that for some reason came from the factory with a RG570 neck. It is my first ever electric guitar and has an official floyd rose trem, gold trim and paf pro pickups with a jem single in the middle.

The guitar on the right is my new Ibanez J Custom which I bought just last week in Japan! It has a mahogony back, flamed maple top, super thin maple/walnut neck and Dimarzio pickups (Air Norton/True Velvet/Evolution). But best of all it has a pearl and paua tree of life inlay!! this thing is absolutely stunning in real life. I bought it from a street in Ochanomizu, Tokyo which is packet with like 10+ guitar stores.


Hi there Attached photos of my guitars:

Ibanez Performance (model PF10-12) 12 string acoustic. I got this guitar about 20 years ago. It has a great full sound. When I had a family it got boxed up and put in the back of a wardrobe, where it's been sitting for the past 12 years. I've just dug it out and it is currently on Trademe, if anyone is interesting in buying it.

Washburn "Nuno Bettencourt" Signature Edition (model EA22) acoustic/electric. I bought this in 1995, mostly because I just loved the look of it. When I had a family it got put away and it was only pulled out on the odd occasion to play the kids nursery rhymes! Now they're a bit older and I have a more time, I've started playing again. Recently I got a Roland Microcube RX amp, which is a bit of fun, but now I'm looking for a solid body guitar because at lower volumes - at night, when the kids are asleep - the amp doesn't power out the acoustic sound quite enough.

Cheers Conway

HI There, Attached a photo of myself and my guitarĀE

This was at a place called Cliffieís in Pietermartizburg, South Africa while on tour with a band called Stone The Free. Itís a Gibson Les Paul Studio bought in 1996 and used in every gig Iíve ever played since then ĀEitís heavy as hell, sustains forever and remains my pride and joy.


Here is my Harper Telecaster copy. it was my second guitar, first of the electronic variety. Has the awesome tele twang sound that i've come to love so much, and is tuned in drop-D. i play for hours every day, but nothing serious. just jam along to my favourite songs.


Here are my treasures.

From left to right:
No. 1: Eston Rickenbacker copy. Looks, plays and sounds like the real thing bought early 90's secondhand.
No. 2: Ashton electrical classical. I am actually babysitting this for a friend who is on his OE. I hope to eventually buy it off him.
No. 3: USA Fender Strat Plus 1989 model with lace sensors. I have recorded with this as well as used it for gigs. Bought new in early 90's.
No. 4: Ovation Elite. Latest acquisition. Love the sound, feel and looks. Bought this year. AWESOME!
No. 5: Morris acoustic. Bought mid-80's in Australia. From what I can gather it is now quite rare. I play this guitar daily.
No. 6: Yamaha base. This guitar has made me the most money. Used for years gigging around Taranaki as well as recording.
No. 7: At the front a guitar hastily bought from the Warehouse when grandkids starting taking a keen interest in becoming musos.

I played in varous bands off and on from aged 13 to 50. I was forced into retiring when my hearing failed me but I still play to entertain myself daily and will always love the look, sound and feel of guitars.


I've had this guitar for about 12 years. It's travel with me everywhere... Sadly on it's last long-haul trip it got mashed in the baggage bay of the plane which caused the head to split right down the middle (as you can see in the photo). I was super lucky to find someone to fix it for me. It still plays like a dream and also has a story to tell.


Here is a picture of my Ibanez collection, starting in the back row left to right Ibanez nw 30(1982),Ibanez artist am 75(1985),Ibanez artcore af 86(2006),front row-Ibanez roadster rs440(1985),Ibanez roadster rs 530(1986),Ibanez roadster rs 505.absent from picture but due to arrive-1979 bob weir. Thanks and drool at your leisure.

This is a picture of my baby she's an Epiphone Les Paul Studio. Scored her off a gentleman down in Christchurch by the name of Steve ( had too many guitars) plays like a dream excellent tones plenty of stamina and forgive me Ibanez fans but responds to me better than my RG 320 otherwise enjoy looking at her as I do.


This Is my first and favorite awesome guitar that i got for my birthday plays really good upgrading it at the moment and this prize would be a GREAT help.


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