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prs guitar new zealand


I got this last year for $900. Was well worth it! Haven't broken a single string on it yet...I think it has something to do with the bridge/tailpiece design. Highly recommended for people playing Metal/Hard Rock that want a quality guitar at a lower price. Only drawback is it only has 22 frets. But it does it's job and it does it well!


gibson nighthawk guitar new zealand

My name is Tim.....well what can i say this guitar,my 93' Gibson nighthawk, is awesome for pretty much any kind of music, this is my most prized possession....note the awesome flame on the top, this guitar is a beut. in my opinion it is the most versatile guitar Gibson ever made and it is a crying shame that Gibson quit making them.

ashton classical new zealand guitar

I started learning to play the guitar the other year when I was in Year 7 as part of my itinerant music classes. 2 years on I've learned to play a number of pieces from classical to rock and I am hooked. I cannot go a day without strumming a tune or three on my guitar. I am looking at seriously saving up for a better guitar in the coming months as I feel that I've outgrown my beloved Ashton classical. My target would be a good acoustic that I can play my fave rock tunes. Here's a portrait of me with my guitar that my dad took recently.


fender precision special bass new zealand guitar vintage

Here is my 1980 Fender Precision special. It features active electronics & brass hardware. The colour is an aged lake placid blue. It's a heavy beast, that plays beautifully right up the neck, & sustains like a bell.

David B

fender 12 string acoustic guitar

Here is my Fender F 05 12 string. Believe it dates back to the late seventies.It's aged nicely, with a wonderful tone. I don't put it away 'cos I can't put it down.

David B

gibson es335 es-335 martin d35 d-35 guitar new zealand

These are my babies, My Gibson 335 ES, just a gorgeous guitar, with that true gibson sound. I adore it, it always attracts attention! I have owned it about four years, and will never part with it now. It is known as Rhonda, don't know how it got the name but it has stuck! Well if BB King can do it so can I!

My other baby is my Martin D-35, it is about five years old and in mint condition, just keeps getting better sounding every year. The are both fantastic guitars to play. I'm looking for a Martin j16 to add to the collection.

Regards Roger

This my guitar midnight. As you can see it's adorned in stickers to give it that "punk" look. I've had the humberbucker pick up removed and had a bartalini pickup put in close to the bridge. Midnight has been with me for some time now, played many good shows with him...rockquest '05, talent quests, and heaps of other shows. Very rad guitar


Gibson Les Paul custom explorer new zealand guitar

My name is Theo andim 15, this guitar you are looking at is my 1983 Gibson Les Paul custom shop ES. YES, it is a Gibson, and YES, it has an explorer neck and headstock. Everything on this guitar is FACTORY INSTALLED. I prefer the dot inlays on the fretboard considering it gives the guitar a deeper tone. It also sports a rare gold-mirror pickguard. People have told me the color is TV yellow, but it is actually a faded off-white. This finish is supposed to darken and it gives the guitar a nice vintage look. You may also notice the tp-6 tailpiece. that, as well, is factory installed. the only thing not factory on this guitar is the bridge, which was replaced last month considerig the old one was worn out and kept breaking strings. The wiring is a little shody, but thats only because the previous owner had the middle pickup disconnected (unprofessionally). In the process, the guy screwed up one of the tone pots, and it must be replaced soon. The guy who i had set up the guitar also re-connected the middle pickup (which was backwards :P) and re-wire the electronics to factory standards (a real task, considering the four-conductor ground wire was completely burnt out). nevertheless, this guiar is a dream to play and I hope it will keep increasing in value.

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