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epiphone 7 string les paul

Here is a pic of my beloved 7 string les paul epiphone a bit unusual to have a such a solid body 7 string , its so heavy! , pickups are dimarzio blaze 7's so this thing has fattness bigger than the cheeseburger gobbling nation of USA! haven't seen too many of these around the place so i think its pretty cool


Fender Telecaster Custom 60s left hand sunburst

This is a 1973 Fender Telecaster Custom that I acquired in New Plymouth, when I first came to this country in 1999. What makes it more unique than an already rare left-handed version is that, apart from the machine heads and the backing plate, all the parts date from the early 60’s. Research into this instrument has shown that, when ordered in 1973, Fender made a great effort to construct this guitar as consistently as possible from the “off the shelfEparts available at the time. So the result is, in effect, a 1973 E2 Telecaster Custom. How lovely is that then?


dean hardtail guitar

This is my main guitar, a Dean Hardtail I have owned it for a while now. no complaints really. Plays and sounds Great :) but i would like to switch the pickups some time down the track.


Epiphone Explorer EMG pickups marshall stack jcm2000

Here is my modified Epiphone Explorer with EMG 60 & EMG 81 pickups. Just behind it is my new Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 half stack

David M

custom Gibson ES335 LP Vox

This is my latest guitar creation based on a Gibson ES335 but with my own ideas. Previously I have built 2 acoustics and a LP shaped solid body. The feel and the sound of this new axe thru my Vox amp is amazing. It has PAF copy humbuckers and it gives it a nice bluesy sound on clean but still growls on the dirty channels. I have new 11 gauge D’Addario strings to fit to it so it should rock big time.


paul reed smith PRS seymour duncan pickups

This is my prs custom 22, it has a seymour 59 in the neck, and a prs 7 treble in the bridge, as well as a push pull switch on the volume pot to split the neck humbucker to a single coil. Also the 5way rotary switch has been changed to a standard pick up switch, so it's a lot easier when you're doin a lot of switching between pickups. I have played few guitars that compete with it for feel and tone, it's just so easy to play. it also looks good too, which is a bonus.


fender strat deluxe american resonator tele realtone weta

Here's the family, from the left: Fender American Strat DeLuxe with S-1 (I cannot find the words to describe this Gat), Fender 60th anniversary Mexican Strat with tex-mex pups and awesome maple neck, Regal Black Lightning square neck resonator, 20 year old Cimar acoustic and in front my totally awesome Realtone DeLuxe Tele with Rio Grande vintage pups. Amp is an American Fender Hot Rod DeVille 2X12. My biggest problem is finding time to go to work !!!!!!



This is my Cataluna acustic guitar, its my first guiar I owned, I have been playing for about a year, it has a very rich tone and smooth action.. This is my twin son Troy 4yrs

ibanez electric guitar

This is my Ibanez Electric semi acustic guitar, it has a great sound for a lot of different styles of music, especially Johny Be Good though my Vamp effects unit.. This is my twin son Cameron 4yrs.


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