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Here’s Ethel.
My 52 Reissue Telecaster in an outstanding copper. White pickguard to top her off and give her that vintage vibe. Great sounding guitar played through my small 15 watt valve amp. Thought the 7.25 radius would be hard to get around but it just kind of grows on ya. Thanks for taking a look.


OK, I'll get the ball's the guitar I love to play the most, a 1977 Guild D-25CH. It's had a pretty hard life, there are numerous scars and dings and a fairly impressive crack in the top. It's very fortunate that Guilds are build like tanks! It has a big deep ringing tone and plays beautifully. It suits me really well, I love to play old acoustic Beck songs and it's ideal for that as well as other folky stuff.

I also have a almost mint 1976 D-35 but frankly I'm almost too scared to take it out of its case so it's the Cherry that I love! I string it with Martin SP 80/20s in extra light.

Here's the guitar I love to play the most. It's my new J&D Brothers Duke 30. In it's price range, it's the best guitar you'll ever find. I even chose it over the PRS SE range which costs double! It's got a great mahogany set neck and body with a carved flamed maple top. It also has Wilkinson hardware.

When I first played it I thought it was setup with 9 gauge strings, because the floating bridge made bending so easy...but their 10's... so I get easy bending and more tone!!! :) Definitely my favorite guitar.

Sean J

I had trouble deciding which I prefer to play, so thought I would put in both. The Blue SX was a cheapy I picked up a few years ago, but it plays what ever mood you feel. While running a backpackers this guitar was played by lots of the guests from around 15 different countries. Created a lot of smiles.

The Samick 12 string just loves the bluesey picked songs, sounds awesome with some of the Eagles songs.

These 2 are what music should be about!

Both are strung with Martin Extra Light 80/20's.


About my guitar. What I have is an early Fender Squire Stratocaster. I have owned it about 20 years or more. I purchased it second hand off one of the owners of Harborne & Arthur music store in Auckland. That particular bloke had it built for him, and it hasn't been changed. It has Schaller machine heads and Seymour Duncan active pickups. It is a wicked guitar, it does not go out of tune - ever, and it is awesome to play. I have owned numerous other guitars over the years, including a Fender Strat Plus (Clapton designed) and more recently a 40th Anniversary Strat - which I had for almost 10 years, but neither compared to the Squire. The Squire was stolen around 1993 and was gone for about 18 months. It resurfaced when a friend spotted it at a gig, with the "new" owner somewhat embarrassed when he was approached, but handed it over without hesitation. Some things were just meant to be. This beauty will never be for sale!


70s Yamaha S-50 A

Pure sound, no over powering strings looks beautiful, all wood, polishes up nice, and easy to play now-a-days, when i fist started the string felt a bit hard, but now ive been playing guitar for almost a year, its starting to sound real good on some of my custom peices and i just love playing the guitar paice at the end of Wilder Wein, although it doesn't have the same mexican sound. Lots of dents in her, and i havent cleaned the dust from under the strings, the metal trim on the tuning dials is a work of art in itself, i think im gonna get something to clean this baby with

My first guitar, and is way better than the ones at school, they are so weird sounding, and are almost impossible to tune, if it wasnt for all the attention and people wanting a blat, I'd deffenately take mine in in replacement.


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