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This is my squier supersonic from about 97, ive had a custom scratchplate put on and it has a seymour duncan holdsworth pickup at the bridge and a gibson pickup at the neck(out of an old sg). Quite frankly, its the best guitar i have ever owned, and it sounds and plays like a dream.


I'm David, I'm nearly 16 and guitar is awesome. Here are a few of my best guitars for the competition. First is my early 90s fender stratocaster with seymour duncan pickups, then my maestro machine gun guitar- looks awesome imported from japan. then my gibson les paul standard (not an epiphone) with all gold plated hardware, grover tuners in mint condition. it is my favourite. My manito 12 string gives out a surprisingly strong tone for a jap acoustic. i also have a squier with seymour duncans and an ovation acoustic.


Here are my guitars. Top right is a 1978 ibanez les paul customE.I love this guitar and would never sell it.I string it with regulars and the tone is !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top left is an as yet undated antoria..cutaway with nice checkerboard inlay. Bottom left is a 1987 ibanez performance pf10-12 12 string,Eovely sounding with wonderfully low action. Bottom right is a 1976 ibanez concord model 693E.copy of a gibson dove and another guitar I would never willingly part with.

Oh yes,I also have a wife and three children.


My name is Robert , I just bought a qwiktune guitar tuner from you ! Can you please enter me in your guitar photo competition. I am 14 & go to Taupo Nui A Tia College in Taupo.

Ibanez ATL series (stock, but the vol slider is poohed)
Ibanez PE series (stock)
Ibanez Roadstar series II (with seymour duncan texas special pups)
Beaker the ginga cat, too stupid to get outta the picture
Fender mex tele (stock)

*The ATL was a breaking up with my old girlfriend pressie to myself, and it doesn't hog the bed.
*The PE was for when I was doing quite a bit of acoustic playing at a local open mic pub, and I found that the ATL just sounded too thin beside the gioobs and martins and taylors that were there.
*The RS135 was my first guitar. The pups always sounded a bit thick and muddy, but since I got the SD texas specials in there - whoa! it's a beast, and I always loved the way it feels.
*Beaker (the ginga) is quite possibly the dumbest cat I've known. took him MONTHS to figure out how to use a cat door.and he still sometimes lets it smack him in the face - a laugh a minute.
*The tele. ahhh... always wanted one, and this has got the gnarly twang a tele should have and feels great to play.


gibson les paul goldtop epiphone mesa boogie

This is my rig, Gibson Les Paul Standard ltd edition gold top, I had the original pups replaced with Gibson 59 reissue burstbuckers and the tuners replaced with sperzels. Epiphone LP Custom with EMG 81b 60n. Mesa/boogie F50 Head and recto 4x12 cab. It has taken a while to build this rig and several $$$$$$$$$ thank F for the odd good trademe specials.

Check out


epiphone sg400 electric guitar photo

Here is my Epiphone SG 400.. I love it, pretty much brand new and it has Gibson alnico V's! the sweetest pickups.. I'm pretty much in love with it =]


daphne blue fender strat epiphone les paul


I'm tTyler im in a punk band called deadline. These are my guitars. First is a daphne blue fender strat that i bought on ebay for $300 when bought new would be $650. It's my favorite guitar of my 3 guitars.

Next, (which was my first electric) is a red epiphone les paul which i customised to have a seymour duncan sh-4 on the bridge. my fender I customized with a bill lawrence humbucker, its very high output lots of sustain and distortion. I keep it in a e flat for some reason i think fenders are better in an e flat. I keep my epi in standard . My acoustic (which was my first, which i dont have any pix of) is a black jonston dreadnought. with lots of stickers also. Thanx 4 readin, Tyler Rock on!!

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