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This is my guitar of nigh on 18 years,an '86 Ibanez proline(2550) neckthru,stock apart from the custom artwork and homemade routing for the twang bar(which i have blocked off so i can drop d tune if needs be) You can hear me play it on 'myspace'-just follow the link:


This is a solid body classical travel guitar designed and hand made by myself. I made this out of frustration with the airlines with whom I always had to argue to take my full size guitar as carry on. Now I can collapse this guitar small enough to put it in a full size violin case which easily fits in the overhead lockers. The other advantage is that this guitar plays real quietly unplugged. The LR Baggs undersaddle pickup (including preamp and volume control) combined with a pocket headphone amplifier (which I also made myself) allows me to plug in my earphones and play amplified without disturbing anyone. This is really nice when hanging around at an airport or when staying in a motel somewhere. An other advantage is that I am not banned from the lounge when the family is watching television. The one piece body and neck is made from solid kauri. The fretboard is made from rosewood. The bridge and parts of the headstock and string tie end are made of african ebony. In place of the sound hole I made a paua shell inlay with the shape of the NZ silver fern. The fret markers inlays in the fretboard are also made from paua shell. To give the guitar its overal shape and appearance I used aluminium rod that I bent to suit. This is the very first guitar I have ever built so if you look carefully you may be able to spot some imperfections. However, this guitar feels, holds and plays like a normal guitar and sounds like .... well .... a nylon stringed electric guitar when plugged in. As all guitar makers seem to name their guitars, I thought I better name my creation too. I called it: "Wanderer". Whilst this is a unique design, I freely admit that similar types of guitars advertised on the internet provided me with the inspiration. If anyone would like more information please contact me on

Hello again , here is my own designed and 'hand built' electric guitar that I made and used for a short time in 1962. It had a sound similar to the "Ventures" sound. While my band the "DORADOS" was playing at the Bel Air in Queen street Auckland (1962) the staff there covered it with 'glitter' and hung it from the ceiling . The shape was unheard of in those days and I think it was before it's time. How ever, I don't know what happened to it after that, so if any of your 'readers' has seen it I would love to know where it ended up. It remains a piece of NZ 1960's history. Thanking you sincerely, Errol Timbers

If you have any leads as to the whereabouts of Errol's guitar email us!

This is my main guitar, its an Ibanez Prestige 2120 made in japan, mahogany with maple top, with 2 Dimarzio/IBZ humbucker and a piezo bridge, there is a silver which you can see for switching between piezo and passive pickups, you can mix piezo and those humbucker too for different tonal possibilities, its got 2 guitar outputs too which means you can plug 2 cables to the guitar and send them to 2 seperate amps ! amazing feature i love it, i am planning to swap out the stock pickups to real dimarzio. it only has a 12th fret inlay, which can be abit of a pain sometime but i am getting used to it. It sounds great clean or dirty, handles from metal to jazz easy i can't describe how much i love this guitar :))


This is my USA Fender Stratocaster, bought brand new only a couple of months ago. It is the Olympic White model that Jimi Hendrix (one of my heroes) was so famous for playing from '68 onwards. Fender Stratocasters are by far my favourite kind of guitar, the sleek lines, so sexy, not thick and chunky like a Gibson. The chiming clean bright sound of the original pickups, so reminiscent of Buddy Holly. The in-between tones in positions 2 and 4. But most of all... yes most of all... my favourite feature of my Fender Stratocaster is the blonde maple neck. The feel of the neck.. and 'feel' is highly important to me. Other guitars seem to have shallow D-shape neck profiles, edges that 'dig in' to my palm, especially if I want to play powerchord shapes. The C-shape blonde maple neck is something my hand can cradle and feels natural in every position on the fretboard, whether playing grungy powerchords, broken chords up and down the neck, or solo work. It's an all-round perfect guitar. No wonder guys like Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend also favour this guitar. I also think the blonde neck as opposed to the rosewood fretboard gives a player the psychological advantage of being able to 'see' the strings more clearly against a lighter (rather than dark) background, enabling more accuracy, assurance and "attack".

I have no plans in the future to mod the guitar, but I have another older blue 'Squier' (a Japanese one) that I would someday love to put a set of Langcaster noiseless Lo's in, but for now my White Strat is my pride and joy. I use it for recording and jamming to my library of mp3s (I don't own a hi-fi system, everything goes through my computer as a one-stop entertainment system). I have only ever publicly performed with the Strat once - at a mate's Karaoke night where I added some live "grunt" to well-known classics! I plan to record an album at home with my Strat. I can't see myself ever parting with this guitar :)


Hi my name is Ben and these are my axes:
Epiphone '58 korina explorer - all new chrome gotoh hardware (the gold looked yuck), Dimarzio FRED pickup in neck position, Seymour Duncan sh-13 Dimebucker in bridge. This was my first serious guitar, love this thing to bits.

ESP LTD M200FM - Got this as a backup guitar but this thing is mean. Has a Dimarzio Evolution in the bridge and sounds huge! Plays and feels totally different to the epiphone but i love both of them.


This Nylon String Electric Hybrid was built for me by Adrian, the owner of AshCustomWorks in Auckland.
The specifications are:

Body: Cedrella, braced flat cedar top

Neck: Glued in neck, body end truss rod, 25" scale

Fretboard: Padauk, 24 medium frets, side dots only, classical width/depth/profile, flat (non radiused)

Headstock: PRS-ish from Ash template with Ricky style engraved logo plate

Finish: Clear satin urethane body and oiled neck

Electrics: F.A.A.S. Ghost with bridge Piezo pickup.

Bridge: Padauk or rosewood classical

Tuners: Black Gotoh SG 3+3

Strings: Classical nylon

Nut/Saddle: Classical Ivorex


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