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hey dudes/dudettes! i know this isn't really a photo of my guitar, but i thought i'd send it in anyway. this is a picture i painted a month or two ago - it's sort of my own take on a fender strat. you may notice that it is neither right-handed nor left-handed - it is, in fact, the mirror image of a right handed guitar. I couldn't decided whether to do a left or right handed one because i play both, so i figured i'd make some sort of a compromise :-) to me this is the ultimate guitar - it's 'signed' by two of my heroes, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix, and it also has the signatures of two other rock legends. It has a little kiss near the top (i did it by painting my lips red and then kissing the canvas, in case anyone was wondering). even though this guitar doesn't actually exist, if it did it would be strung with strings from guitar stuff :-D rock on and peace out


Hey, Names Mitch and I'm a Newbie on the guitar. I recently bought a standard black Eleca guitar from over the net and decided it needed a little, I threw on some Car Decal (on the back aswell) and I plopped on some small skulls on the knobs on the head! So yeah, say 'ello to my little friend guyz!

This is my guitar it took me ages to decide which colour i wanted then finally i found black and white one now all i have to do is learn to play it.

An early 70s Yamaha SG 800, its actually my answer to a Les Paul, an early Gibson it isnt but having played a few LPs theres not many tones the Yammy doesnt equal.

An 04 Gibson SG standard, satisfies the mean streak.

An 89 Fender Strat, SRV signiture. Youve gotta here the texas specials through a Fender twin reverb...perfection.

This is my Baby Taylor. It is a three quarter sized dreadnought guitar. It was purchased in New York city from Sam Ash Music less than a year ago. It travels very well and can fit into the overhead compartment of an aircraft. This guitar set the standard for the travel guitar market with its big guitar sound and sweet tone. If you have ever played a twangy Martin back-backer - this guitar blows it away. Martin has now released the Martin Travel guitar to try and compete. The Baby Taylor has a bolt on neck that allows easy access right up to the fifteenth fret. The back of the guitar has a sexy curve in it - it does not have the cross strut construction like most acoustic guitars. This curvature compensates for any loss in structural integrity (from not having the cross struts) - but not only this, it allows the guitar to resonate and project its sound with a volume and clarity that betrays its size. It is unbelievable. It also has an invisible scratch plate. Innovative design elements from the acoustic guitar company that some call the modern day Martin. If you ever get a chance to have a play on one, I highly recommend it.

Deryck Krypton

Here is what i have amassed so far. Though i may be only 20 years old... i can't seem to help my addiction with guitars (mate, it only gets worse! - Dave).

In the top row we have:Ibanez SA (w Emg and Duncan invader) 69' Yamaha SA300 Semi-hollowbody (fully restored), Aria Pro II pe1000 Gerry Cott proto-type (W orig Dimarzio pickups and active volume boost), Aram Glam rock guitar (got to love that yellow).

Second Row: Vester Bass (not sure of the model), Martin 16 000 (orchestra size 1949), Suzuki Classical guitar 1965, Ibanez RX 60.

More to come soon... when i can afford them.

Sam G

Hey. James here.These are my Axes.The one on the left is my Fender Squire California series Telecaster. I got this last November for my 12th birthday(thanx Mum and Dad!) It is equipped with Ernie Ball Beefys (which of course I bought from this web site for a super cheap price!) The amp is a Fender Frontman 15G (loud enough to anoy the Hell out of my big brother. He has a problem with good music!). The one on the right is a Cataluna (don't know model). I got this when I started playing(just over a year ago). It is an awesome first Guitar. I play these Guitars every day and some times for hours! At the moment I am learning to play Sweet Child of mine by Gun's n Roses(Mean Song!) I can play songs like Thunder Struck and Enter Sandman. I love my Guitars and will play for ever! At Night I Dream for a SG or a Randy Rhoads.


The Roger and Kelly Guitar farm (population unstable but usually increasing) They dont get together on moonlit nights and reproduce, but this is probably a good thing :-)

Fender Squier Supersonic in black from the original and increasingly infamous Vista Series. Black is apparently the rarest colour; they came also in white, silver sparkle and blue sparkle. Note silly reverse headstock. These were some of the last general release guitars made in Fender's Japanese factory which is an offence against nature! We dont know what pickups these are, but they were surely manufactured in hell by some particularly evil demons. They scream, wail, roar and generally make a massively concentrated noise. Brilliant.

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