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Rickenbacker Bass Guitar

Hereís a picture of my Rickenbacker that I bought from Denmark Street London in 1999. Within a week of buying it it slipped off my Guitar stand in the studio and fell on a radiator putting 2 dents on the neck giving it instant character! Apart from that it has been my top bass for live and recording. Along with my 79 Precision I have all low frequencies covered.


My name is Tom I'm 12 years old and I live in Christchurch and here is my fender stratocaster and my ashton acoustic.

The Coolest home made bass ever NOOOOOTTT!!! Hey im sam and this is my custom wannabe BC rich bass. I thought instead of paying $1500 why dont i make it. So i did and it only took me 3 weeks and $200 and it looks the same except the headstock i havnt made that yet. My next project i hav started is for my sammick elec guitar lol.


My two children are a Simon Harper Telecaster,updated with Fender pickups & a white three layer Fender pickgaurd,don't let the price fool you,Simon makes seriously good guitars! I love my Harper Tele & won't part with it.

Here's my latest addition: an Epiphone Les Paul Junior,I wanted a twin cutaway with the TV yellow finish,but nothing doing, so I picked this one up instead,it was the only Junior in stock anywhere & I love it. Coming up are Grover tuners,intonated stopbar/tailpiece & a graphite neck nut thingy.

You might notice the Johnny Thunders stuff plastered to the background... R.I.P Johnny,you changed my life,my perspective and the way I play guitar.

Brendan, Auckland.

This is my Epiphone 'Union Jack' Supernova (Noel Gallagher signature model) ES-335 style electric guitar. The guitar was made in Korea and the pickups were made by the Gibson Guitar company.

Also my Dean 'Sarasota' 12 string electric guitar. The body and the neck of the guitar are made out of Mahogany with a maple veneer on top and twin humbuckers. This guitar was made in Korea too.

The guitars are leaning against my Marshall JCM800 100W ministack and my Marshall (MG series) MSII microstack (signed in person by Dr Jim Marshall O.B.E.)

Also my blue Ernie Ball MusicMan Axis electric guitar with a locking Flloyd Rose whammy bar system. It has a Basswood body and hard rock 'birdseye' maple neck. The neck has an incredible feel. If you ever get the chance to wrap your hands around any one of Ernie Ball's MusicMan guitars you should definitely take it. Made in a place called San Luiz in California. Also shown is my Korean made strat copy by New Zealand luthier Joh Lang of Langcaster Guitars in West Auckland. This guitar features his low impedance pickups with a built in overdrive circuit. It has a pretty standard strat style vibrato unit, pearloid scratch plate and vine inlay on the fretboard. The sound is crisp and clean and the overdrive is heaps of fun. One of the control knobs increases the level of gain. There is an extra switch to turn it on and a 9 volt battery tucked away in the back to power it. Proudly put together in New Zealand. I am trying to recruit a Taylor T5 electric/acoustic to 'complete me'


So feast your eyes on the cheapest bass on the New Zealand marketĀEyou are probably wondering why I would want to have it put on this website for a competition.. Well this bass is actually more than meets the eye. Not only does it generates a lot of laughter due to its gay name but it is also pretty much invincible, its taken quiet a beating on stage and at practices as most instruments do but more recently it made its way from the inside rear windshield of a car to a puddle outside after the car crashed head on into a concrete power poll at about 80km/h. the car had a full load of people and fortunately we were all wearing our seatbelts so we lived. But easily the most amazing thing is not only did it not hit any of us as it flew out the car, but after only a few dents and scratches and using a blow dryer to dry up the insides it still works as good as it ever hasĀE You tell me thatís not amazing!


Here are my Weapons!! From left to right. Firstly, my Ibanez slim line AE10 Electric Acoustic with cutaway for those fresh acoustic licks and flicks. This is an awesome sounding slid top Acoustic Guitar. It has a nice bright sound with a rocking undertone. Totally love it!! Secondly, My simple little Maxtone Baritone Ukulele. This little bute has a totally rad soft and simple sound. Itís small size and body weight yet reasonably full sound makes this weapon a very fun little tool. Thirdly my traditional Yamaha Ukulele for those Island style nights, for when you feel like a holiday but canít afford it, just set a heat lamp sit down with a freshly brewed cocktail, pick up this little gem and wish yourself away. This is my small (excuse the pun) but expanding collection of way cool weapons. Rock on !!


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