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My Ibanez sas32fm.. I love everything about this guitar. Looks, tone, playability and it's so damn versatile!!


I notice other people talking about their guitars' "character," but no one can come close to the "character" that my guitar has. Being an American exchange student in Christchurch, this is the left-handed Ashton AG131 I picked up on TradeMe. Note that I am not left handed, so I moved the strap-peg to the other side and flipped the nut over. Also notice that I have to pull off the lowest tone knob because if I leave there when I play, my arm automatically turns it all the way down [which is the only way the knobs makes any tone difference anyways]. The absolute best I can set the action is not good by any means, there is some sort of replacement spring on the low E's bridge saddle preventing me from setting the correct intonation, and the damn thing has had no serial number EVER engraved on the back.

To top it all off, I think that the guitar is in absolute prime condition, meaning that there is not one scratch or dent on the entire thing. Yep, Character. I'm just glad to be making music.


This is my setup, on th left is an Ibanez then Yamaha, Then An Ashton, The keys are Casio, Pedals are; Dunlop Cry Baby>Ibanez PH7 Phaser>Boss Blues Driver BD-2>Boss Overdrive Distortion OS-2> Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-2> then a small marshall practice amp. In performance I use a large Marshall Valve Amp that I do not keep in my room. this picture was taken just after breaking two strings on my Ibanez A & D. Usually i have a whammy in her but its not in for some reason in this photo. I love to play the Blues.

Andy P

My name is Nicholas. I am 9 years old. Here is a photo of me and my Ibanez S470DX. I worked hard at school and at home for a whole year and I got to choose my own electric guitar for Christmas last year. I strung this guitar with Ernie Ball Super Slinky 9-42s.

The other photo is of my acoustic guitar. This Seagull S6 sounds great. It has a solid top. It is normally strung with either D'Addario or Martin Extra-light.

hi, this is a pic of my guitars the black acustic is a cheep 1 i got for my son, the others are fender strat, an ibanez pf and an Alvarez,wk-190m, not a natural player but do love to tinkle those strings, cheers Justin


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