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Next is the 2004 Schecter Ultra in Trans Cherry red. Mahogany setneck, threepiece body, beautiful, astonishing finish and quality for the price and we're not surprised there's a 6 month waiting list on Schecters in NZ. They really are the bomb and you wont buy better. The sound will blow your socks right off.

This is my wife Kelly's pride and joy, 'Mr Sparkle' her 1964 Eko Sparkle, all original; the third pickup should glow in the dark with is concentrated evil! Came with original case in green mock crocodile pasteboard with red baize interior- those Italians, eh? Youve gotta love all those switches and the propeller inlays!

Our latest acquisition; 'Smoothie Hoshino!' Kelly lays claim to this one as the primary bass player. 1976 Ibanez P/J bass in vanilla and black, incredible original condition and awaiting some flatwounds from this site! Phat as the phattest thing imaginable.

Last but not least, this is the mighty 'Flowerbass' , Kelly's rare shortscale Fender Urge 1circa 1994, a brilliant little beast and typical of the sort of quality coming out of the Fender Mexico factory at the time. USA snobs take note! Active pups, beautiful slender neck and medium weight makes this the worlds most user-friendly bass and the colour (chrome red) is unusual and freakin gorgeous. These are increasingly sought after as people realise you dont need to go into traction after every gig if you have one of these! Kelly recommends these for women as they are lighter than most and their smaller bodies makes them easy to support and get around. 10/10

Noodling on the Porch,
Playing my Taylor 815ce, while lined up ready for a turn are my Martin D35, Martin D28, my son's Weissenborn-style guitar, made by the late Roger Hartshorn (Merlin Guitars, Christchurch) and an all-solid wood Chinese-made dreadnought. You can see why I go through quite a few strings (there are more guitars too), especially given that I am very fussy about fresh, bright strings so seldom leave them on for much more than two hours' playing time.


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These are my 2 guitars... an Ibanez V70 acoustic & a Peavey Raptor Plus EXP. I'm still learning how to play, but I think they look & sound great. I wouldn't mind a les paul someday though!

Richard H

Hi Iím Tom and these are my two guitars the one on the left is a Gibson flying V (as you can probably see) and the other one is my SG standard. These guitars are my pride and joy and I take really good care of them. I use the flying V for songs with a lot of lead guitar in them because it has a super thin neck profile and easy upper-fret access. I use my SG (which I prefer although I donít know why) for bluesy songs, drop tunings and of course AC/DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Tom H

This is my beloved B.C. Rich Platinum Series Warlock. It's my first serious guitar, I picked it up second hand for a reasonable price and I can't get enough of it. Before this I had/have (but don't use) an imitation strat, so the upgrade is substansial. It's set up with a real nice action, the neck is thin but I'm not scared I'm gonna break it anytime. Since I've had this I got a whole lot better! The pickups are dual B.C. Rich humbuckers, which get the job done. Maybe I'll get another guitar... Once I have money.

Jason G

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