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..this is my guitar (well its my sister's guitar, and the blurb is on her behalf, lol) nothing special but it was a gift from my mum and so I'm happy to have it. It plays nice so that's cool. Unfortunately the strings broke, but thanks to guitarstuff when my new strings arrive she will be up and running again real soon!

My guitars Left to right

Gibson ES335 ・c. 1965 ・2 owners (counting me) I致e had it since 1966 ・would sell my wife before selling it.

Fender Strat ・Mex, c. 1996 ・gift from my wife.

Line 6 Variax. ・lots of fun with amazingly accurate models; the 335 Semi is particularly authentic...

...I run these through an original brown tolex Fender Vibroverb (1963) that I致e had since 1964 and it still goes like a new one.


Hi there, here's a photo of my guitars for you. My favourite is the Black Ibanez in the middle.

Regards Blair

Hi I'm 16, This is my Takamine EG523SC-12 twelve string that i got during my trip to Canada. This guitar is amazing, it sounds awesome and is easy to play all the way up the neck. It still has the same strings on it from the day I bought it, this thing sounds great now so I can't wait to play it with my new strings on it.

...And these two guitars are my and my dad's Fender Strat and Epiphone SG. The strat is a standard USA from around the 80s, it is one of the best sounding elec guitars I have played or heard. I have set up the SG and it is an all-round good guitar, the only problem is the cheap tuners which I might replace.


My name's Matthew and I'm 15 years old. This is my Ibanez GAX50. It's my first electric guitar and I love it to bits. It was a steal for $101 on Trademe! Lowered the action, adjusted the truss rod and strung it up with D'Addario's (from Guitarstuff of course) and she plays beautifully. I play her through an Epiphone Valve Junior combo (another Trademe bargain) and she really sings. The parents get a bit ticked off with me having to crank it to get nice and dirty so I'll be buying a ProCo Rat distortion pedal soon to get those tones of my idols Jonny Greenwood and Matthew Bellamy. Keep rocking!

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