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My names Keat this is my beloved 50's profile Gibson Les paul. as you can see i'm in need of .26 D string.

I'm Roger and I've been playing since 1961 (old fart!!)

The Guitars:

The Strat is a customised US Std Fender. It has Bill Lawrence noiseless pups, a Fender TBX control, Sperzel locking tuners, Schaller straplocks, string savers, bone nut and rollers for the string trees on the headstock. The pickguard is a Fender purple MOTS, as is the pick. The body cavities are all shielded with copper tape and grounded.

The Agile is made in Korea and sourced from USA. Mine is an AL-2800 model, with high-output pups, Grover tuners, Schaller straplocks and the colour is Blue Quilt. If you haven't heard of Agile before, do a Google and you'll find nothing but great reviews. These are a guitar to watch for the future.

The amp is a Kuston wAv 212. Solid state, 130W with onboard stereo digital effects. This too is unusual in NZ. I class it as roughly equivalent to a Vox AD120. It handles every situation I play in and having the onboard effects mean no stomp boxes needed.

The Basses:

The Fender Precision I bought new in 1972 and its still used. It's seen around 10,000 gigs.It was originally 3T sunburst but now its BMW Techik Purple. I had it defretted for a few years, but refretted it a year or so back.

The Jazz is a '97 Fender Jazz Deluxe. Its an active bass with noiseless pickups. The neck is gorgeous and is my main player when I handle bass. Like my guitars, both basses have Schaller straplocks.

The amp is Fender Bassman 200 combo, with a Peavey Black Widow 1502-4 speaker. The speaker upgrade is well worthwhile & I'd heartily recommend it.

When I was a young fella,muso's that I listened to growing up played these guitars. Being a muso for over 30 years you buy and sell gear until you are able to afford guitars like these. When you have got them you know that there's not much more to look at. A Strat is the next on my list. (BUT DON'T TELL THE WIFE!)


Ibanez RG 550
Got this 550 off trademe.I owned one just like this some years ago. Well the neck was butchered. The seller said it was a scalloped. After this dissapointment I set to work on it. I'm not going to go into how and what I used to restore it. (Take too long) As a result of this I am starting a new venture. Everything you see was done by my own hand. Hope the pics do it justice. The japanese means Dream. The original was signed by Steve Vai.Not finished as yet. Needs a re-fret and one more EVO.


Irish Bouzouki
Here are back and front pics of my berserky number 1, tuned GDAE, maker the late Roger Hartshorn (Merlin) of Christchurch.


Gibson Epiphone Special Model One
Here is a very nice guitar that has exceptional tone and action. Really not too sure why these get a bad rap. It was a bit difficult to set up properly though and does not sit on the knee very well. The sound it produces makes up for these small imperfections. A very good intermediate guitar with a professional sound.


Hi my name is Alf, this is my only guitar, Cort 100f, all I want to do is to be able to make it work, gripes it's hard going at 67 years young.

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