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This is my Korean made 2003 Epiphone Sheraton II in tobacco sunburst (no longer made in this colour). Just had the gold hardware replaced so it's in mint condition! Beautiful gat to play, I'm in love with her.

Matt T

These are 2 of my guitars. The tele is assembled from parts from 2 piece maple neck, blonde alder body, classic tele bridge with compensated brass saddles, kluson tuners and rio grande vintage tallboy tele pickups. The one on the right is my third hand made one. Central American mahogany body (with wild figuring), allparts mahogany neck, grover rotomatic tuners, bigsby b70 licensed vibrato, rio grande blues/jazz bar p-90 pickups and finished in danish oil and beeswax. Sounds awesome with tones from warm jazz to snarly rock. I also have a sapele mahogany PRS style with bareknuckle "crawler" pickups wired with a 6-way rotary switch to give mutliple coil combinations and a maple/padauk neck made by ash custom works, a Maton acoustic and a great peavy neck through bass.

Ben S

Hi my name is Ben and I am 12 years old, my mum and dad got me this Explorer copy guitar for my birthday, I love it so much and my mum just got me some ernie ball strings for it too. My favourite guitarist is Randy Rhodes.

1978 Les Paul Custom Silverburst, probably one of the first 10 ever made. All original fretless wonder. Quite light for a Custom, probably under 10 pounds. A privilege to play.


Hi, this is Lola. She has had a bit of a make over and now she is finished. She has Grover heads, a brass nut, Seymour Duncan sh4 at the neck and sh2 at the bridge and graphite saddles. I play her through a Vox ADV50 with D'Addario 12s. She has a deep rich tone and tons of sustain. I love her.


This is my main guitar and amp. It's a beat up 1978 Ibanez 'Midnight Olive' CN-200 (Concert series) that I got for a steal on TradeMe. It has suffered a lot of surface damage but still plays and sounds amazing. I play primarily through an Orange Tiny Terror tube amp, with a Diamond Fireburst and Red Witch Pentavocal Tremolo pedals.


These are my three six strings on the left is my Cort acoustic which has an awesome sound in the middle is my first electric brought of trade me as a new guitar been fantastic strart styled guitar on the right is my pride and joy only 3 weeks old a Epiphone Les Paul Tobacco burst in colour sounds cool and looks it I play through a Fender 25r amp.


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