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here's a couple of my prized possessions my 1977 D28 soild brazillian back and sides and my little darling 1976 00-21 also own a 76 D35 ,1986 0M-45 also a few others but too many grandchildren around to bring them out :)


Hi all, this is my 1994 Fender Strat which is made in Japan. I only started playing the guitar a few months away and fell in love with the Strat's. It sounds so sweet!!! I put 69' Custom shop pickups into it and since then I have learnt to play Under the Bridge and Give it Away by RHCP. I will never sell this guitar to anyone. Thanks for looking.

Tony L

The Vantage is my all time favourite guitar; it's a 24 fret, 251/2" scale thru-neck design with active electronics - 18V pre-amp onboard - and gold-plated brass furniture. Concert pitch or drop-D. The Yamaha is set up with a high action at the bridge and nut for slide; usually open G but open D or open A, too, depending on the set list. The Samick is my nod to a few quieter numbers; it's barely OK unplugged but plugged in it's a beauty! I can get a 12 string sound - Byrds etc - with a pitch shifter. concert pitch. The banjo is an old Kasuga long neck and used for the Who's Squeeze box and one or two others; like most banjo's tuning is open G.

I run an old 100W Holden valve combo with an extra quad box if I need it, which is rarely!!

I've been playing and performing for about 30 years - really, really crusty, I know!! - and have owned or played most of the biggies, but this is the rig that has been giiged most often; it's like an old pair of shoes - really comfortable with no nasty surprises!!!

The lap steel is normally tuned in C6, but I've used E9 and Em as well. It's NZ made and I really like it to play - it can add texture that you cannot get any other way. It does tend to be a bit trebly so needs a gob or two of EQ and a touch of overdrive just to make it sing!!


It's a 1990 Charvel Fusion Custom. It was a little beat up, body dings, scratchs, pups were rusting, Schaller Floyd was also rusting. The neck is maple with rosewood board, pretty standard for this type of Charvel.

It was finished in gun metal grey with matching painted head stock (white logo), it was completely stripped of all paint including the headstock. It now has a blood red Candy appled paint job with some slight airbrushed graphics as well and natural finished headstock with a new black Charvel logo, finished with gloss clear on the face only, the back of the neck is matt clear finished with 2500grit wet and dry sandpaper. Also a fret dress. The Schaller floyd was black, so i got it stripped off and fresh chrome plated over the whole thing. The pups are new Dimebucker bridge and two new HotStacks, middle/neck. Had to modify the single coil cavitys to fit the Stacks in, only way to tell is to remove them and look at the bottom left of each cavity, so it still looks stock on top. All new knobs, screws, switchs, wiring... basically everything!


Here's my guitar that I refinished a few months ago. It's an 80's Strat so it was finished in this horrible metalic teal colour. I stripped it back, stained the wood, sealed it and replaced the white pick guard. I'm no longer embarrased playing the guitar now...


Here's a picture of all my ESP guitar collection bought from America. From the left ESP Kirk Hammett Signature series KH-3 Mummy, ESP custom shop Kirk Hammett Siganture series KH-2 ouija(rare), ESP Kirk Hammett Signature series KH-4, ESP James Hetfield Signature series JH-3.


Here is a pic of my Takamine for your competition (a bit arty I know but however...) the thing I like about it the best is that it is red!


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