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Heres a little bit about my current guitar. Its a Realtone Stratocaster. For those of you who havent heard of the name, it is a NZ brand that source guitar parts from around the world and get Weta Guitars in Wellington to assemble/setup their guitars for them. I was about to buy a Fender Mexico Strat, but took a stab in the dark when I saw this one for sale on trademe and I'm sure glad I did. It has a bolt on vintage maple neck and an natural finish ash body, high quality hardware and kent armstrong alcino pickups, which give it a wonderful ringing/chiming sound. What's better is that it was an ex-demo instrument so I got it for only $600 making it an exceptional guitar for its price range. I string it with D'addario EXL strings in Regular Light Gauge.


Ibanez 76 Strat
I met another tramper in the bush one evening, and as we were going the same way we got chatting. The conversation turned to music, and then that golden question ĀEKnow anyone who wants to buy an old Ibanez? A week later it was mine. I have added a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates, custom wiring, and graphtech nut and string trees, it plays like a dream.

Ibanez 76 Professional
This I found in an old college cupboard, broken neck, frets missing, electronics gone, covered in grimeĀEa total wreck. The school said I could have it, so after 3 months at Simcha Delftís workshop this guitar is just like new, the repairs are so good you cant feel them when you play at all, and Simcha found original Ibanez humbuckers to install. The ash body and ebony neck make for a lot of sustain, itís a great guitar to play, down the whole neck.

Fender Prophesy Bass
The most awesome bass I have ever owned. Stolen from me 5 years ago, and found by a friend for sale in a pub 500kms away a week later for $150!!! She bought it back for me, knowing it was mine, good to have friends like that! Beautiful neck, active electronics, light weight, pity they didnít come out in a 5 string, but I can play a 3 hour show with this and not be a hunchback at the end of it.


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