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fender strat photo american d'addario srv black sunburst seymour duncan sss

Black the wife, the main squeeze; and Burst is the mistress. Lucky enough to get them on one bed, aye? ; )

Black is HSS with Seymour Duncans and Burst is SSS with Suhr V60LP pickups. Both strung with D'Addario 11-49s. Burst is tuned to Eb for those Jimi/SRV moments and Black keeps drifting between E and Eb depending on what I'm playing at the time.

Visit to hear them in action. Black features on 'Evil' and Burst is on 'Beaten Into Submission'. Contrary to what you'd imagine, they're not heavy metal, rather straight ahead bluesy rock. : )


My violet Kasuga strat copy (around 1975). It has Kinman AVn Blues HX pickups.

Sounds great and is sweet to play.

Paua shell inlay on neck and head was all painstakingly done by me. (took me hours) The photo doesn't show up the colour very well, it's quite an intense violet.

I don't get to play it that much because I am primarily a drummer

Cheers All and keep rocking!


el degas acoustic martin parker p38 washburn bluesman oscar schmidt

Here are my babies, all which are rare out of production models (one company doesn't even exist anymore). The acoustic on the left is a Martin copy by the name of "El Degas" great sound (good enough in fact that Martin sued them!!!). Some might think that the beast in the middle I'm playing is a Parker fly but I'm too poor. Its a Parker P38 which was one of Parker's first consumer level guitars but don't let that fool you it has awesome tone, slim neck and features fishman piezos in the bridge for a more acoustic type sound. The one far too the right may look kinda funny (hey both my electrics do!) but its a great jazz box (and drop tuner), oh yeah its a Oscar Schmidt Bluesman which is made by Washburn. Yup!


gibson ES335 ES-335 fender strat peavy classic valve

Howdy there. These are my babies. . Gibson es-335 need I say more? Fender Strat HEAPS of tone. The sounds from these two make me melt haha. I play em through a Peavy Classic 30 valve amp. Whatever the style they hold their own. Anyone in Whangarei needs a lead guitarist get in touch with me thru these guys on this site :) sweet!


Very ordinary I know but she does the job. Cort SFX-5 Nat with Fishman classic 4T pickups/tuner. I've just fitted a new set of Martin Phosphor Bronze medium strings (only the second set, I've been playing for less than 12 months) and lowered the action quite a bit now that I've started to play barre-chords (spelling ?) and found it was much too high. So, she's had a clean, a new set of strings, the action reset, and now it's time for a photo !!!


Here's a pic of my "Baby'..... An Ovation Pinnacle with a real Kiwiana flavour. The photos don't do it justice but the pattern around the hole and the dots along the fret board is paua shell. I play this and my electric thru an Epiphone Regent 50w amp......Just lovely....


I've enhanced the look of a cheapish Strat copy (J&D Brothers) by putting a digital print of Amy Lee on the scratch plate. A few coats of Durogloss clear gives it a lovely glass like finish.....


My Epiphone(model unknown) which I swapped a Cort Earth for,plays beautifully and sounds great and with new strings on this baby just sings(Cheers Dave!) p.s-yes,It's a musos room hence the 'constructive' mess and thats a cola bottle-not beer(honest)


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