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Hofner 12 String Takamine EG-15SC Peavey T-60 Fender Precision Bass 1976

Hey Guys

Hi heres my guitars!!!! Im 15 and have just completed my collection of guitars. Starting from the left:

1964-72 Hofner 12-string. reconditioned it myself after picking it up from garage sale made in germany

2007 Takamine Electric-acoustic EG-15sc(discontinued model) Beautiful sounding, great pick-up, perfect guitar. Quite high retail price $1399 AUS but worth every penny(although i scored it 2nd hand). Craftsmanship is amazing!

1983 peavey T-60 imported from USA as too rare to find in NZ. My dream electric.sounds mint,plays mint and mint quality as its made in USA. Has crazy pickups that are humbuckers but can turn different coils on/off to make P-90 and single coil sounds. Darn heavy though!

1976 Fender precision bass Mint bass, old skool so sounds great! beautiful sunburst


Reverend Club King RT Cole Clark MXR

"Here's an updated shot of my gear. Main changes, sold the two Strats for one 08 American Std (since modded) and upgraded my pedal board with the left over cash. Bought a Reverend Club King RT, and sold the Cort acoustic for a Cole Clark I found at Cashies for a ridiculous price. Also just acquired a nice new 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue amp.

So the full rig is 08 American Std Strat w/ Dimarzio Area pickups and Kluson tuners, Sigma Dreadnought, Reverend Club King RT, Fender 65 DRRI Amp, Peavey Classic 50 410, Cole Clark Fat Lady 1, Cort GB34A Bass, and pedal board featuring Vox Wah, Boss CT6 Tuner, Durham Sex Drive, Cam Pedals DOHC (Homebrew OD), MXR EVH Phase 90, G2D Standard OD, MXR Carbon Copy, Cusack Tap-A-Whirl, Boss DD20, BBE Sonic Stomp, and ABY box out.

Pretty stoked with my rig currently.

Here is my Aria.. nothing special but I like it. Just a beginner.


Epiphone Acoustic Guitar

This is my Epiphone guitar, it is practically my travelling companion. I can play for hours at a time, just escaping into a different zone, chilling out to the sounds emerging from my single most cherished instrument.


Ibanez PF230 Fender Stratocaster Squier JV Bass Pro Tone Squier Guild D25 Ibanez V300

Hi All, thought I should post a pic of MY babies!

From front left, 1981 Stratocaster in Sienna Sunburst. Lots of chips and dings from a hard life. Next is a 1978 Ibanez PF-230 then my current pride and joy a 1982 JV Squier bass. The second strat is a late 90s Korean Pro Tone Squier, fantastic guitars, this one's fitted with Kinmans. I picked it up for a song on TM last year =)

The acoustics are a very worn 1976 Guild D-25 and an early 80s Ibanez V300.

Nothing fancy but I love em all! - Guitarstuff Dave

Silvertone Apocalypse Pro Paul Stanley Signature Electric Guitar

Hey Guys

This is my Silvertone Apocalypse Pro Paul Stanley signature model signed by all current members of KISS for you all too have a look at. This photo was on the front page of the Dominion Post on the 24-03-2008 after the Rock to Wellington weekend, I spent most of the day on Good Friday At the Airport Waiting for Kiss to come through the doors but it was worth it. Check out my band Havana Affair at


2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Gidday, this is my 2002 lp standard , it has a lovely burst I'm sure you will agree sounds and plays like a dream and it's a keeper for sure.


Gibson SG Standard Les Paul Classic

06 Sg STD, Sprague caps with tone bleed kit, SD JB p/u and gold hardware with DR strings.

05 LP Classic, Sprague caps, tone bleed kit, SD Alnico custom pups.

07 Parts-O-Caster,Quilt top, Birds eye maple C neck graphite nut, EMG ZW set (with Single Coil EMG middle) pups. Wilkinson trem Sprezell locking tuners

Ceriatone 18 watt TMB home built kit with Eminence Red Fang Alnico speaker.

Tim & Ruby.

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