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Gretsch Historic Series 3110
Made from quality materials and only produced between 1999 & 2003 they were discontinued when Fender bought Gretsch and perhaps are quite rare and could become collectible. Development of the guitars took two years. Due to fires at Gretsch factories and lost records, duplicating these vintage instruments was not easy. Many plans and records were not available. Some of the materials and suppliers were no longer around.. An international team of guitar experts gathered vintage catalogs, guitar books and journals, and the personal recollections of some of the people who worked on the original guitars. This guitar has many great features that contribute to its beauty, such as the thumb nail fret inlays, cats eye sound holes and the art deco rosewood bridge. It also has a special construction that prevents it feeding back as much as many other full bodied jazz type guitars. Despite being made in Korea, these did not come cheap, the NZ RRP was $2799 with only a gig bag! Unfortunately, Korea has the same stigma attached to it that Japan once had, but it is funny to note that people have to ask where it is made before being put off. I have another beautiful Historic series that I sent into a well known Auckland luthier for a set-up and they assured me it must be made in Japan!

Custom Strat
Hi, this is my recently finished custom Stratocaster. She has a 1974 US Strat body, and a 1979 US Strat neck. I put Fender custom shop 69 pickups in her, and she sings like a bird. Nothing, bar nothing beats the vintage Fenders for tone. Thanks for looking.


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1989 Fender Strat Plus
This is a 1989 Fender Stratocaster Plus, in beautiful and rare Reverse Blueburst. The only problem is pictures never do it justice. It has three Gold Lace Sensor pickups, with Wilkinson Roller Nut, locking tuners and graphite string saver saddles. All together make for great tone and playability. My pride and joy. Thanks for looking!

David B

From Left to Right.
The first guitar is an Aria Solid top classical guitar made in japan. It was given to me in 2004 from a friend who was given it by his uncle who has been playing guitar for over 20 years. This guitar is very old and since it is a solid top the guitar is sounding nicer and nicer the older it gets. A rugged guitar that has stood the test of time.

The second guitar is a Jackson DK2 Dinky super stratocaster shape made in India. It features Duncan Designed Pickups: 2 single coils and a humbucker at the bridge for the fat distorted tones. It has a Floyd Rose floating bridge with locking, Alder body with flamed mahogany body, bold on neck, and a maple neck with Rosewood on the top. I brought this guitar in 2004 and the clean tone on the single coil pickups is fantastic, I'm loving this guitar all rite. I use if for Indie rock and funky music like: 3 doors down, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The third guitar is a Crafter D-6 Acoustic steel string guitar made in Korea. This guitar was brought in the year 2001 and is a solid top guitar. The tone of this guitar is deep and rich and high notes ring out nicely. The best part about this guitar is the Beautiful sound it creates and the unique design of the Pick guard and Bridge (strings thread through like on an electric Gibson lespaul).

The fourth guitar is a Shecter C-1 Hellraiser and was brought in the year 2006. This guitar was made in Korea and Inspected in the U.S.A. This guitar is Made from mahogany, and rosewood. This guitar has: EMG active 81 pickups at the bridge for the Crisp metal distorted rhythm guitar and solo tones, EMG active 85 pickups at the neck for warm deep punchy tones for clean rhythm, and solo tones, The guitar has a Thru neck body design so soloing is an ease, and strings thread through the Body of the guitar for unbelievable sustain. This guitar was designed for one thing which was to Shredd, and Pump out the heaviest metal tones.

And Finally the 5th guitar is a J & D Brothers Super Stratocaster Replica guitar given to me by a friend in 2003. I do not know much about this guitar but it has a Floyd Rose Floating bridge with locking, Two Single coil pickups, and a Humbucker for the fat distorted tones. This guitar has been knocked around alot and is my guitar with "character" paint chips, stickers, and scratches further adds to the character of this guitar. I will keep this guitar forever and always add something special to it, whether it is more paint chips or more stickers.


Fernades Strat
Hi! my name is Errol Timbers. Here is a photo of my electric "Fernades" guitar which has the sweetest sound any 'muso' could want.


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