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fender squier squire guitar new zealand

Hi, my name is Bob Moore. I can't play, but I did carve this Guitar for my nephew Shawn Mullins(not the famous one) It's a Fender Squire Strat. He's into music and taught himself how to play the Bass, Lead, and Drums. He came to visit me and inspired me to carve this guitar for him, he was so impressive with his talent as a guitarist. I felt that maybe the guitar would help him futher in his dream to become a famous musician one day. He plays in two different bands out of Senatobia Miss. and really likes the heavy rock. I hope ya'll like this guitar.

Thanks, Bob Moore

fender mustang guitar reissue japan new zealand 1969

I'm Mario, I'm 16 and this is my baby! A 69' reissued Fender Mustang. It has an amazing 24" neck and a floating bridge which is great for playing around with! Also it has 2 amazing single coil pick ups and I absolutely love the paint job!

I'm in a band called Kill The Narc (but don't be fooled by the name) we play experimental/indie kind of stuff similar to the mint chicks and muse at times and this guitar is the love of my life it does everything I've ever wanted it to do!

epiphone gibson sg guitar new zealand

Hi im Jack, im 12 years old and play in a band

This is my epiphone g400 custom i love it to bits and it is great to play. The band that i play in is called easy company and we play acdc and nirvana and all the old good stuff. thanks 4 lookin

Mark's Home Made Guitars!

Hi there

My attempts at luthering

On the Left: Guitar attempt 2 Mahogany body with shaped maple cap + quilted maple veneer, see through yellow Maple neck & finger board, Wilkinson two point floating trem Bridge pick up Dimarzio PAF Fred, Neck pick up Dimarzio PAF Pro, both can coil tapped with push/pull volume knob, bone nut, also shapped the heel for better access high up fret board Telecaster 3 way pick up selector, and gotoh machine heads currently strung with D'Addario XL 10s-46s turned out great, pick ups phat and warm then really 'sraty' when coil tapped.

On the right: Guitar attempt 1 Mahogany body with bound maple cap + quilted maple veneer, see through purple Maple neck & finger board, Gotoh Floyd Rose trem pick ups Dimarzio Tone Zone (possibly the highest gain pickups I've ever heard) both can coil tapped with push/pull volume knob, three way mini toggle, and gotoh machine heads currently strung with ernie ball slinky 9 - 42s ? shred machine, fast and easy to play and trem more stable than the knife edge on my Ibanez RG750

Both these get 'gigged' weekly, and replaced my Fender Strat & the fore mention Ibanez RG750 as my main guitars.

I recommend to any one to have ago at building your own guitar, there's plenty of resources on the net to help, and its cool playing something you've made yourself!!


tom delonge squier classical guitar new zealand

On the left is my acoustic gat. Made up from parts. Action needs some work but i love it!!

On the right is my baby. 2002 Squire Bullet. Copy of Tom Delonge's (Blink 182) Fender. Incredibly simple. One bridge humbucker and just a tone knob! Not even a volume knob. Wanting to put in a new pickup. probably a SD Humbucker. Plays great. Sounds great. Got me through some rad times. Currently playing through a Fender FM65R. Using Slinkys and an Ernie Ball rainbow strap. GREAAAT!


custom steinberger ball end guitar new zealand

Here is my Noyce Custom. I designed this instrument myself. I wanted to combine the advantages of a steinberger: double ball strings, great trem, small size...with beautiful wood and a more traditional shape. Note the residual headstock. The neck and top are Blackwood, the fretboard is ebony (beautiful piece-all black and fine grained) the wings are poplar. The pickups are EMG. the Vol has a pull switch to tap the humbucker, and the second knob is a mid boost. My name is inlaid at the 12th fret.

This was built for me by Ian Noyce in Australia. It sounds warm and bright, and plays well. The neck is unusually hefty...43mm nut and quite thick . This took a whiile to get used to. The Scale length is 640. Im in love!!!


custom steinberger ball end guitar new zealand

Gibson Nighthawk guitar new zealand

Pictured is a 94 Gibson Nighthawk guitar that can out quack a strat & can match its stable mate the" Les Paul "on feedback sustain. It is awesome for playing Tex blues, Southern rock, & the chicken pickin" thing.Its double 5way pickup switching makes it a truly versatile guitar when plugged into my zoom 3030 to drive the amp.

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