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This is my epiphone ESC-10, nothing really special really, but some reason it is. My father bought it for me from all the way in China. Made in the chinese epiphone factory with the usual stuff, like mahogany wood and chrome metals. I had a les paul special but sold on TradeMe, it was soo cheap. Also had a seirra stratocaster style also sold on TradeMe. I'm looking for a acoustic elec now. Hope I get my wish. thanks...


Here's a photo of my little collection of guitars. I've been playing for over 4 years (I'm nineteen), and I've just bought my 12th guitar. That averages to 1 every 4 months, so not too bad going.

Top Row (Left to Right) :
~ Martinez Acoustic Electric 12 String. I got this in Australia September 2004, and she has a lovely tone.
~ Fretless Bass. Got this dirt cheap on TradeMe, but heck it plays beautiful, gotta love the fretless sound with round wound stings.
~ Peavy Predator Plus ESP w/ Floyd Rose tremolo system. Love the floating whammy...
~ Suzuki Classical Guitar. Very cheap, skinny neck makes it easier playing than 'classical' classical.
~ Celebrity Semi-Hollowbody. Bask in it's beauty, plays very nicely in open tunings.
~ SX Acoustic Steel String. My first guitar. I keep 10 gauge strings on her, fantastic mellow sound.
~ Hondo bass. For all your fretted needs.

Bottom Row (Left to Right):
~ Washburn 7 String. Cheap from Music123, I love that low B, adds that extra majesty. Plus the 24 frets is great.
~ Firefox Strat Copy. I customised this myself, like my new shape? Had to reshape the pickguard too... The woodgrain looks jazzy I think. Oh yeah and I removed the frets. Really fun to play.
~ Jay Turser Resonator. This is probably my most loved guitar. Has a piezo pickup as well as an electromagnetic one; and it captures the crispness beautifully. Play her in open Dm and you'll never want to go back to regular tuning...
~ Ibanez RX-60. The action on this is to die for, no effort required.
~ And finally, my 'new' 1977 Ibanez Doubleneck. Again, Ibanez knows how to get the action perfect on their guitars; the 12 string neck plays so sweetly. Chuck it through a Fender chorus and the sound is incredibly rich and lush.

And now, a plug for my album! I reckon you should buy it, it's really good.

Daniel B

This is my Jackson DX-6 Dinky. It's the first and only electric guitar I have owned. I use various Ernie Ball strings on it as I find them to be quite good. The quality of it makes it very easy and fun to play, I enjoy it a lot.


This is my newest guitar, Alexi Laiho signature model (Children of Bodom) - Edwards-al-120. It was made at the ESP factory in Japan, from which i imported. Black with a white pin stripe, EMG-HZ h4 pickup, original floyd rose, original floyd rose and is neck-thru. This guitar is very rare.
Very good looking and great sounding guitar that is a dream to play!

Matt S

My new workhorse,a Korean built G&L ASAT Tribute tele style. Very nice to play and sounds great (going to throw a bridge humbucker in at some stage & the plastic nut's gotta go!)
Will post some sound clips on my myspace page at a later date so keep an eye\ear out!


These are all miniature guitars that I found during recent visit to Sth East Asia...... They are about 10" tall, made of wood, are strung with some sort of thin wire, and actually are very well finished..... Naturally, you can't play them....ornamental only....Almost look real... eh...? See monitor behind them for scale....

Unfortunately, I don't own any of real versions of these classics .... Perhaps post my actual guitars next month......


I love Takamine guitars, I love Takamine guitars,
I love Takamine guitars, I love Takamine guitars,
I love Takamine guitars, I love Takamine guitars,
I love Takamine guitars, I love Takamine guitars,
A cat put a scratch in it the first day i got it!!!!!!!!
I love Takamine guitars, I love Takamine guitars,
I love Takamine guitars, I love Takamine guitars,
I love my Takamine guitar, I love my Takamine guitar!


Here's a pic of my babies. From left to right we have an Ibanez AW10Cent, then my prized nineteen year old MIJ Greco Les Paul Custom. Then we have the Vester stage series bass I bought for my wife and finally we have the Fender Squier Venus (designed by Courtney Love).

Sitting behind the guitars we have a Laney VC-30 and a little Peavey 50 Watt Microbass amp.

I've toyed with selling the squier (though I'd miss the fender from my collection) and have no particular afinity for the Vester, but the Ibanez and Greco will always be close to my heart.


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