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yamaha cort emg new zealand

Hey all, on the left is my Yamaha FG-423S, on the right is my Cort Z-42 and my pride and joy in the top middle is a Cort EVL Z6. All the guitars are un-modified apart from the strap locks on the EVL, I was going to put an EMG 60 and an EMG 81 in the Z42 before I bought the EVL though. The amps are both Kustom, one is a KGA10 and the other is a QUAD 65 DFX; and the pink thing is a Behringer UM100 distortion pedal. The EVL runs on EB Regular Slinkys while the Z42 uses EB Skinny Top/Heavy Bottom strings. Thanks for the cheap guitar strings Guitarstuff! Cheers =)


bc rich warlock

This is my left handed BC Rich platinum Warlock ever since i started playing iv always wanted a warlock because i love the shape, but couldnt find the right modelled left handed one but finally iv got one, and i just cant stop playing it!


gibson les paul jnr junior jr. strat vintage new zealand fernandez revival

Hi, on the left is my 2002 custom shop gibson les paul junior and on the right an early eighties fernandez strat revival. Both guitars sound awesome through the marshall, pure rock tones.


blue classical guitar nz

My name is Leighton I am 12. I always wanted a guitar this last xmas I saw a parcel shaped funny i thought my mum had used a funny box for clothes and books i didnt even click I opened it up I was so surprised it was a guitar they all laughed at me because the shape of the box gave it away but I didn't guess. I love my guitar and I can play smoke on the water well the start anyway!


lancaster bass new zealand kauri

Hey guys, here is a pic of my beautiful Langcaster bass. It is one of 5 made of this model and i'm pretty sure the other 4 are in collections in the USA. I play this every week with my band and in church. It has a beautiful rich clear tone due to the Lo-impedience singlecoil pickups witch are totally noiseless :) and Swamp Kauri body.


Hi guys, I've got two guitars. Not entirely sure what either of them are. One is a Epiphone Les Paul which was custom painted in a really glossy black...picture doesnt really show. The other is a ibanez ?. Anyone who could tell me what it might be please email me at huey_eating_apples(at) Its japanese made (1993 i think) and was originally painted but someone stripped it so now its all pretty and oiled. It's really light and easy to play and at the same time has a real growl. The strings on it are well past their use by lol i've had this guitar for a couple of years and the strings have never been replaced or snapped since i got it. Time to change them but i'm pretty much broke. The pick guard was lost long ago. It was leopard skin believe it or not. Ill be getting on for it soonish thou. Anyway hope someone out there likes them.


vester stage series bass guitar new zealand

Hey there, here is my Vester Stage Series II 4-string bass. I purchased it new in 1991-1992. Its a basic 2 octave bolt-on neck which has a nice light action and feel. The body is quite light but it still has good sustain. The underside of the neck and body are finished in mirrortone black - hard to clean but worth it! The fingerboard is a nice piece of rosewood, and the inlays are nice fake pearl! The original pickups were too quiet when I first played gigs with it, so were replaced with a Schecter on the bridge, and DiMarzio toward the neck. I also replaced the volume and tone pots, and added a custom switch to let me turn off/on the pickups individually instead of balancing the mix with the volume pots. It has not played gigs since 1995, but recently I decided to remove the frets as an experiment. After filling the holes, polishing the rosewood with 1200 grit paper, and layering some bulletproof epoxy over it before sanding again with 1200 grit I've managed to turn an average fretted into a very nice fretless bass. Using the neck pickup and keeping the treble up a little lets me get a nice rounded growl when I play hard, then mixing in some bridge and softening the fingering gives it a sweet tone. Nice! I have d'Addario roundwounds on it, but might try some semi-flats to smooth the tone and protect the fingerboard... :-)

Chris (Brisbane)

epiphone les paul guitar p90s gibson fender strat

Left to right: My 1979 Strat, my pride and joy, it is extremely heavy, made of swamp ash, it weighs much more than my Les Paul!
My Custom Strat, my main workhorse, now with it's 57 Japanese re-issue neck on it.'
My Epiphone Les Paul '56. It has P90's which sound just fantastic, lovely and warm. A quarter of the price of the Gibson model and close on quality.
Last but not least, my 2004 Mexican Telecaster, it doesn't get played much at the moment because the pickups are just standard Mexi and don't sound great, but I'm going to get some Lindy Fralins for it when I can afford them Cheers for looking!

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