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Hi my names Jacob im 17. This is my guitar it's only a few months old. It's a fender squire california series with a maple neck and the rosewood fingerboard, something I haven't seen on many squires and it's in a deep red almost maroon. Pretty standard, it has two singile coil pickups and one double coil. I'm still learning to play, my mates who play as well always want to have a jam on it its got a really nice sound to it.

My names Sam and I'm 14. I started playing guitar (exactly 1 year ago this week!) and I love playing! This is my SX EVH frankenstrat copy that I painted myself. I love this little beaut! I saved up for her over about half a year and it has definitely paid off! I have just added a zebra humbucker to the bridge and taken my bridge single coil and attached it to the neck singe coil! Unfortunatley, my strings broke and I haven't played it for a while, so I can't wait to get the new strings back on and start jamming again!

In the photo there's my telecaster which I just bought. It's so dreamy! I love playing it so much! It's a Japanese 1962 Reissue with texas specials and it's amazing. It sounds and looks great. Before that i had a samick stratocaster copy hehe so it's a bit of an upgrade.

Then there's my bass. There's a huge story behind this one. I looked all over NZ for one like this. It had to be four string, natural wood grain with a natural finish, have the strips up the middle and be around one grand. It was impossible to find one haha so I was on holiday in Australia and my mum was telling me I might have to compromise and get something similar but I just wouldn't and on the way back from some place i was like 'ok just one more shop!' so we checked out this tiny little music store on the side of the road and there it was! A J&D Luthiers four string. and for only $600! it was amazing!


This is my Schecter Demon. I'm very pleased with this guitar, it's the best guitar for metal that I've ever played on. It's definitely one of my most cherished possessions and I'm in no hurry to move on from it!


Well here's my first guitar. I saw it and instantly fell in love with it. I think you can see why...
Cheers, Tom

Here’s a photo of my guitar my wife took.


Early 90's Japanese Squier with a Seymour Duncan Hotrails in the bridge (nothing fancy, but a work in progress), Maton Em225C and my mum's 1970 Yairi Gakki classical (she doesn't/hasn't played it for years though, so it's practically mine =D). I'm currently playing the Squier through a Zoom G7.1ut multi-effects through my stereo, but I'm hoping to change that soon!


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