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My Guitar Collection:)- Including A Custom les paul, a fender strat (squire:P) A B.C Rich Iron bird, A Queens vintage, A Carlos Semi- Acoustic, A Yamaha Acoustic and a very old nylon string classical.


Here's a photo of my toys. As you can see, Ace Frehley is admiring everything from the wall.

1974 Ibanez Flying V, Nameless LP Goldtop (probably from the Epiphone factory in Korea?), 1977 Ibanez 1275 Double neck, Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul, Ibanez PS10, Epiphone Les Paul Studio. I also have a 1980 Segovia Acoustic

Marshall DSL 100 with JCM800 Lead 1960 on the bottom with a JCM900 Lead 1960 on the top

Ibanez DE7 Delay, Ibanez SM7 Distortion and the mighty MXR Blue Box going from my axe into the amp.

In the FX Loop I have, MXR Phase 90, MXR Dyna Comp and MXR Distortion +. I have just ordered an MXR Micro Amp for solo boost.

I use a Boss BR532 to record my music.

I don't have a band at the moment but am planning to resurrect my old band....if I can get it together!



My fingers are in love with this guitar! Never in my life have I enjoyed playing a guitar more than this one. This axe includes a Floyd Rose locking tremelo, 2 humbucker pick ups and 1 single-coil pick up, has 24 frets...

Some pros and cons are:

- Sexy
- Thin neck profile (perfect for shredding)
- Floating bridge for enhanced whammy bar versatility
- Stays in tune

- Stays in tune.
The floating bridge makes it difficult to use altered tuning. However, I've managed to work out an easy way to switch between standard tuning and drop D tuning.
Just a matter or loosening the 2 spring screws 3/8ths each for D tuning and vice versa for standard tuning, then adjusting the low E string accordingly.
- The volume pot crackles a bit.

Kem :)

6/8 of my guitar collection from the top going across my yamaha nylonstring acoustic , my squire 5 string bass ,ashton ag150 electric , another nylon string acoustic from the bottom across, jacksoin electric with custom black harliquin paint job , and my karina semi acoustic


Greetings, here is one of my axes, bought new in USA 2 years ago. LES PAUL SUPREME. Don't ask me how much, my wife thinks its a Taiwanese copy.

Martin HD28KM (Keb Mo)

One of only 252 made. Made in 2001, and I bought it used on Trademe! I had previously owned a Martin DR which was also a really nice guitar, but when this one came up, it was impossible to resist. So the DR was sold to a friend, and now I have the KM. Engleman Spruce top, Hawaiian flame Koa back and sides, Ebony fingerboard, bridge and headstock face, gold and ebony tuners, bone saddle and nut, jumbo frets, paua rosette・and on ・and on・ Its gorgeous. And the Dean Markley Alchemys are superb sounding strings, that bring out the huge sound to the max. Sorry to rave on・・..


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