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Hi My name is Matt and i'm 18. This is my Ibanez RTG42DX i've had it for about three months, an awesome guitar!!! I play it through a VOX Tonelab, other effect pedals and an old school 200W HOLDEN transistor Amp and Cab. The Pickups are going to be changed for Dimarzio ones, possibly EVO2's. I also put Schaller strap locks on it to protect my investment.

This is my Jackson RR24 Limited Edition Black with Yellow Bevels. It has 24 frets, Original Floyd Rose, EMG 81, Neck-thru. I just love this guitar, it has a nice feel to it and also very fast due to it's thin neck. It looks so good and the EMG 81 has an awesome metal tone. i worked really hard for this guitar so it is well looked after. The paint job is very good and the bevels are perfect.

Dave H

Here are my four humble friends. On the left is a Westone Spectrum MXS. As you can see Iím a lefty and we are hard done by in terms of selection. The Westone was a real find. It is very grunty with lots of sustain and a sheer delight to play. Your fingers just glide over the frets. Got it on TradeMe!

Next is my little Ashton Joeycoustic. I picked it up during a visit to Australia when I was going into withdrawal because I didnít have a guitar to play. It is classified as a travelling guitar and has a remarkably good tone for its size. It also fits on the back shelf of my Mazda MX5 so I can take it places. Good value for money.

Next is my first electric guitar, a Lancewood Elite LP - a Les Paul copy. I was very dubious about it until I played it. It is beautifully made and sounds very good. They are imported by a chap in Auckland who puts his own label on them.

Last but not least is my favourite, a Takamine EG330. Lovely to look at and a sensual pleasure to hold and play. It just gets better as it gets older (I wish I did!).

I love them all. What would I like? Maybe a Gibson SG and a Gibson Dove, or a Maton or a MartinĀEbut hell Iím not good enough for them!


Here's my retro combo, a late 60's Diplomat in a Jazzmaster Style - pretty rare I understand, and it plays like a dream, beautiful neck on it and kudo's to burn.

At home I plug into a little Vox Pathfinder 15 R - its got Great Sounds for such a small amp - Reverb, Tremelo and it does have that great Vox sound ( even tho' it's not a valve amp). Together they make one great retro Combo.


Here's all my stuff. I'm 32 years old and playing guitar is my absolute passion. I mainly play at this great rocky church in Welly's called Arise. We're loud and we're proud. My two Strats are my pride and joy. The one on the right is a 1988 US '57 reissue that I've had since the end of 1996. I have star grounded the wiring for less noise, and had the fretboard flattened to a 12 - 15" conical radius. Jumbo frets have also been added. This is one of those guitars that just feels (and sounds) right, and I love it. I've tried to sell it two or three times over the years but could never bring myself to go through with it. I think it must have been repainted before I got it, because some fiesta red is showing through the candy apple.

The middle one is a recently aquired '94 American Deluxe, which I've also modified slightly. I've changed the bridge plate and block to accomodate a screw in arm because I didn't really like the pop in one (didn't look right and kept swinging around). The american standard arm I got had a white tip, so I soaked it in coffee to make it aged like the rest of the plasitcs. Worked a treat.

I also changed the mint green pickguard for the tortoise shell one, and I added an American Standard style string tree. The HSS version of the US Deluxe has no string tree, and I felt it needed one because when you played the open high 'E' you could hear a 'ping' from the headstock part of the string. It's a great guitar, very nice to play. It's my 'clean and tidy' guitar, where as my old Strat is the more 'raw' and 'organic' sounding one. They both do what they do well.

The acoustic is a Cort, very good value for money guitars! Cheap, but a nice solid top with a Fishman pickup.

The big amp is a Peavey Classic 50 4x10 which I've had for 8 years and absolutely swear by. Don't knock Peavey till you've tried one of these. I did a head to head with a Fender Blues Deluxe on purchase day and chose this. I've never regretted it. It kicks.


2006 GIBSON 336F ,custom shop model, smaller body than 335, back and sides carved out of one piece of wood. les pauls too heavy for my crook back but this is feather weight with great tone and versatility.

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